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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

Mid Carder at best. Unless he get's himself over like Daniel Bryan did and connects with the crowd. When I hear people say Cole is going to main event, I have to laugh. I think the guy is talented but no way in hell will Vince push him with or without UE as main event act.

Same with Gargano, they be mid card lifers who win the likes of IC, US Title and tag titles a lot. Might get a title feud here or there, and might win it. But they never be legit main eventers.

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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

He needs the UE in order to have any clout going into the main event scene.

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Originally Posted by Emmanuelle View Post
He's more like 90s heel Shawn. I like him, but I'm skeptical of his main roster booking.
I've always said this about Cole, his look, personality and ring style all remind me of 90's Shawn and that's a big compliment.

I'm a huge fan of Cole, hes currently one of my favourite talents but I'm also very sceptical of how he will be used on the main roster. In NXT hes a perfect fit because there is no Vince and it's a more modern approach with less restrictions. But once Vince gets his claws in on the main roster he could easily see Cole as too small to be a star and someone who is a good hand in the ring that he can use to make guys like Reigns and Strowman look good.

I hope I'm wrong because Cole could easily be this generation's version of HBK in his prime if he is booked right.
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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

24/7 title bay-bay.
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I don't think it will end well. Cole's biggest asset is his in ring ability, but he will not be able to perform like in NXT on the main roster. He has to adapt to a main roster style.

Look wise, he's not even big enough to be 90's Shawn Michales. He honestly has one of the least muscular bodies on the entire roster. He reminds me more of Shawn Waltman in his 123 kid days, look wise.

And while that shouldn't have any effect on your push, it will have. Thats just a fact when Braun Strowmans pinky has more weight and mass than your entire body.
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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

My vote would a no to coming to main roster.

He's perfect for NXT. There is nothing wrong or shame with staying in NXT btw. He's one of their top stars, he fit's very well on the roster, fans love him.
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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

He'll be the next Kevin Owens.

Meaning when he is called up, he'll have his ups and downs. He'll win titles and accolades but he'll be a punching bag to others the other half of the time.

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1000 percent next Kevin Owens

Hes going to be the fringe main eventer who headlines lots or raw and smackdown main events but is really never the guy. If hes lucky he'll get a September through February world title reign. Probably a future HHH wm opponent. Trips is running out of mania opponents. I would imagine a mania match with one of his nxt guys is on the horizon.

Hes too over with the smarks and really just too damn talented to just be a midcarder. So his talents alone will at least elevate him to a consistent upper mid card status.
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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

Since it's Vince say it with me. D.O.A BAY BAY
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Re: Adam Cole - Main roster thoughts?

"Hmmm what's this guy's name again, Adam Gold? Hasidic jewish angle maybe? ..... Oh it's Cole? I see a relationship angle blooming with Michael Cole somehow.... his long lost brother?"

"He's gonna have to gain about 30 pounds of muscle though..."

The reality is there's a 70 or 80% chance he'll do virtually nothing on the main roster perhaps after maybe some sort of initial push (see: Nakamura, Roode etc etc). There's just not enough spots up the top when you've got the Reigns, Rollins, Shane, AJ, Kofi not going anywhere soon.

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