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Re: NXT 6/12 & 6/13 Tapings Spoiler Thread

Originally Posted by rbl85 View Post
Asuka made every woman she faced look good.
Nikki Cross and Ember Moon come to mind for that. I don't think those two have come close to any of their matches since their work with Asuka. Mickie James match pretty much put her back on the map. She had good matches with Bayley too.

For Shayna, her matches with Kairi were good. But has she had any MOTY contenders since debuting. I can't name any.

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Re: NXT 6/12 & 6/13 Tapings Spoiler Thread

Originally Posted by looper007 View Post
Who's run would you rate better Shayna's or Asuka. Aside from her feud with Kairi, I think Asuka's run with the title had better matches thats for sure.
Asuka. Without question. While the end of her run was beginning to run its course, she had the better opponents and matches while also having a much more defined presence than Shayna, in my opinion. That and the women's division was still decent (although the decline did start with Asuka's reign) where with right now, it's a wasteland and every over face comes off as a dumbass or geek and the strongest booked opponents have no consistent overness behind them (*coughmiacough*)
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Re: NXT 6/12 & 6/13 Tapings Spoiler Thread

Yeah Asuka. She had better matches, she has more charisma in one finger than Shayna does in her entire body, and she had a unique presence to her that Shayna simply doesn't. I DO think that they overdid it near the end (Ember should have won their second match imo) and the decline of the division started towards the end of her reign, but it was still salvageable, until Trips let his MMA boner take over the booking.

Also Asuka's matches were at least varied and different from each other. Shayna's follow the same basic formula every fucking time.

Also Asuka did it FIRST, so she has an advantage there. It was simply too soon to do another super-long/dominant reign so relatively quickly after she left. The division never had a chance to really recover because they had Shayna start burying it.

When Io fucking Shirai, perhaps the best female wrestler on the planet, certainly top 3 or 4, is booked like "generic careless idiot WWE babyface #742" so that Shayna can STILL retain the title, there's a problem here. Hell even when the babyfaces try to help each other, they STILL cannot beat Shayna (Takeover War Games and XXV for examples), so they look extra-hapless actually.

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Re: NXT 6/12 & 6/13 Tapings Spoiler Thread

Next set of taping dates were revealed:

- August 15th, 2019
- September 11th, 2019
- September 12th, 2019

The two days in September are going to cover everything up to Takeover: War Games.
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