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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

I think he is just playing his cards right. He wants that secure spot for himself and I don't blame him for doing so. He's yet to debut in the main roster so I can forgive him for this and if he does get called up only to be booked just like everybody else and then Velveteen Dream becomes just Velveteen or is repackaged to some dumb character...he'd be singing a different tune. He'd probably be in the same place as to how Tyler Breeze was before he was sent back to NXT. Then I would probably see a thread here as to how he was ruined.

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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

He has one major flaw in logic. When movies or tv shows are criticized, the actors aren't the only ones mentioned. Writing/Directing/Editing are also a consideration.
Like with Dark Pheonix, it's mostly gotten negative reviews. However, Sofie Turner's performance is being praised.
In Batman V Superman, it's a polarizing film. However, most people liked Ben Affleck as Batman.
The most obvious example is the last season of Game of Thrones. People absolutely destroyed the writing. I've mostly seen people feel bad for the actors.
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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

I doubt Vince is going to give him a good spot. People already said the same thing about most of the previous call-ups & look what happened.

Unless the booking changes overall, I don't see it happening, but I suppose it's nice to...


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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

I think Dream is in character but he is in NXT and he has more creative freedom to do what he wants, when he is called to main roster he will have to cater to little kids and the writers will try to water down his character.
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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

Dream,I love ya but even Vince can see you're sucking up. Tone it down a bit.

Also...Star Wars came out in the 90's? Only one SW movie came out and that was the shitty Phantom Menace one in 99. So which "good" SW movie came out in the 90's??

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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

Originally Posted by SayWhatAgain! View Post
You are all so easily GOTTEN TO

THE DREAM turning the GEEK SMARKS into GEEK MARKS Hahahaha I love it.

He's being smart & trying to manipulate Vince into giving him a good spot on the main roster. This is good mindfucking by The Dream

Incoming next failed WF gimmick. Screenshot this.

Some people in here either outright said it or heavily implied that Dream is trying to get "smark heat" from the niche audience. It's fucking retarded, especially with a character like his that can actually appeal to the casuals that this company keeps losing.

He didn't "get us", he didn't "work the smarks". He's simply either sucking up to the higher-ups for his spot to be untouched (which isn't the dumbest thing in the world) or he comes off as a snake who'll throw his co-workers under the bus to cover his shortcomings.

I love Dream but this is dumb. He's either a mark or he's a snake. It's up to your interpretation.
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kobe Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

of all the corporate puppetry I have read

"not playing the roles written for them"


does she means that they picked the wrong wrestlers for the roles or that they just aren't making money or ratings for WWE regardless?

If they are so incompetent Vince would have already fired them

Despite what you may have heard about so-called "smark marks" and the "IWC" some of us are actually here to help. All you have to do is ask.

Originally Posted by Wpm131 View Post
As a kid I wanted to believe it was real but back then we had real fights in school and I went to sling this guy into a pole like wrestlers would do when they threw guys into the ropes and the kid didnt move and when I tried it again he punched me, I knew then that wrestlers were working together in the ring.
Originally Posted by I AM Glacier View Post
It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
Originally Posted by Jupiter Jack Daniels View Post
And the minute you compromise that for a check, I can't feel sorry for you. You got what you wanted, therefore you got what you deserved.
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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

the wwe locker room will be a lot of fun for him once that guy gets transfered from nxt, i'm sure the wwe employees... well "independent contractors" will be so appreciative of what this guy said from all of them in that attempt to get on the good side of his boss.

this assuming the other wrestlers actually let him come inside the locker room instead of pointing him to some room away from it when he'll need to get changed.
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penguin Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

I'm sure he'll change his tune when his saddled with a dancing gimmick. That aside he needs to clean up the jizz that Vince has left on the side of lip. Talk about cock-sucker
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Re: Velveteen Dream puts WWE's faults on the superstars

he can suck up all he wants, he's still going to be handed "good shit" when he is on the main roster and will look foolish seeing as he has come out and said it's all the performer's fault for not being able to turn shit into gold.

he should be careful because with comments like this he will be alienating the type of fans that are championing a push for him.
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