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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

The Takeovers are the only draw of NXT at this point. The weekly shows are trash. You can miss a month or so of NXT TV and be caught up with every "story" (lol) while watching Takeover. It's meaningless.

I wish FCW was still around. That was more compelling stuff.
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

Originally Posted by #BestForBusiness View Post
I disagree. So, you're okay with liking a particular wrestler/character and getting used to them, knowing that it's only a matter of time until they suddenly disappear, constantly lose, and be made to look like a joke knowing they deserve better? Not to be a pessimist, but fan favorites like Velveteen Dream, Undisputed Era, and Matt Riddle will not make it on the main roster. They are no different from everyone else and will be off our televisions or repackaged as something entirely different quicker than you can say EC3.
I'm not okay with it, but the fact that it is going to happen is not a reason to stop watching the actual good show that is being produced. If tomorrow I heard someone from New Japan was going to WWE I wouldn't just not bother watching their final matches there.

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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

I'm not sure, this is main reason I don't invest in NXT anymore. I used to watch every show. People get handled excellently down there and get called up and amount to nothing. It was almost disheartening when superstars I liked down there would get called up to the main roster. I checked out of NXT a while ago, it's been almost 3 years since I last watched a full takeover.
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

Originally Posted by The Raw Smackdown View Post
I think it's just best to look at NXT as it's own thing. Don't worry about what they'll become on the Main Roster and just enjoy them for what they are in NXT because that's just being three steps ahead and torturing yourself for no reason.
Exactly. Itís the best pro wrestling product by far the last 2 years. Donít let any silly business stuff take that away. Enjoy
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

Originally Posted by #BestForBusiness View Post
Don't get me wrong, NXT is one million times better than Raw and Smackdown. Each Takeover blows the main roster's PPV out of the water with ease. The storylines are usually good, the matches are fantastic, the wrestlers are always passionate and hungry, the presence is great, it all checks out....
You pretty much answered your own question here.

My own personal 2 cents, that allows me to keep watching it. (1) I realize it is the best WWE product. (2) Keeping #1 in mind, I realize that NXT is the pinnacle of many of the guys and girls going through it. (3) Given how screwed up the main roster is, I can always hope NXT talent does well there..but I never bank on it..
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

I see NXT as WWE's own alternative wrestling show but the problem is they are still a "developmental brand" since almost everyone would get called up...only to get 50/50 booking or be absolutely butchered in the main roster.

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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

Some people only watch college football or college basketball.
I guess it's kinda like that.

While they're on your preferred college team, you can live and die by performances. While they're in that league, it means everything.
Then you kinda wish them well when they move on.
Christian Laettner is still a god to Duke fans, but only because they didn't watch Vince turn him into a joke in the NBA.
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

I mean what's wrong with enjoying it even with the inevitable? How did people enjoy most indy wrestling for years with WWE scooping up so many of their top stars?

If I looked at everything I either watch, listen to, or what have you whether wrestling or some sort of media with the idea that it could be worse down the line, you basically would have trouble enjoying much of anything. I enjoy what I get of NXT independent from WWE, even if I know that there will come a time when the guys and gals I like might be toast on the main roster. Seems quite depressing to get zero out of it.

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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

There is no point. It would be like watching minor league baseball.
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Re: Why watch NXT? What's the point?

You make a great argument OP, and it;s one I have often questioned a few times. I love NxT but my love is fading for the fault of the main roster. There is no continuity between the main roster and NxT and it's often treated as different promotion. With most of the talent coming up from NXT just being treated as an afterthought.

It's all well and good to fall in love with guys such as Adam Cole or Velveteen Dream but when you realise their fate on the main roster is it worth the time to really get behind them?

Of all the talent wasted from call ups. The tag division has the worst history. Look at every tag team that's come from NxT and tell me one that's actually a success? If you are a tag team right now in NxT you have gotta be quaking right now.

The women's division has some success but the biggest success are those that were barely used in NxT. Look at Alexa for example, no disrespect towards her but she was not even hardly on TV, but on the main roster they have more limelight than those who actually were a built success on NxT . You only have to look at Asuka and Kairi Sane, Ember Moon and Sasha to really understand how badly these women have been treated. But at least treated better than most, it;s just their booking is very inconsistent.

The mens division has like a 30% success rate, guys like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and maybe a less extent Finn Balor can be guys that go from being champions to champions from brand to brand. But meanwhile other flounder. Boobby Roode who I am a huge fan off is just a backstage prop at this point.

Now I understand not everyone can be a WWE champion from NxT and you are right, but I at least expect something from them. I look at guys like EC3, a guy I never cared for, being treated the way he is, and I feel bad... everyone on the roster should be used to the best of their ability.

I love NxT and I love the brand, but over the last two months, I keep telling myself, is it worth the investment?
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