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Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

Dakota Kai (formerly known as Evie) came into the the Mae Young Classic and NXT with a lot of fan fare. And after waiting her turn and waiting for other women to be called up, she is finally getting her time to shine on NXT TV. Though, probably not in the way most people were expecting.

It really all started earlier this year back in January when Kai had her first real singles match on NXT TV against Shanya Baszler. The match went......

Probably not as most people were expecting. But that moment is what has established her current storyline as it was followed up on a few weeks later.

Shayna came out once again to to intimidate Kai and Kai could only back up in fear. It was only when Ember Moon came out to make the save where Kai was able to sneak in a blow to help Ember. It was a nice bit of redemption for Kai.

But now, Shayna is the Women's Champion and Ember Moon is gone. Kai (at least for now) is on her own with Shayna running the division. And we've seen the effects that has on Dakota. 1 week, she can't stand to be in the same room as Shayna:

And the next, she can't even talk about Shayna, to the point of begging the interviewer to stop talking about it, and frightened to even look Shayna in the eye when she confronts her.

Dakota even rubs her once injured arm, a constant reminder of what Shayna did to her.

Now I wanted to ask other people's opinions on this. Because while some have praised this, others have deemed it makes Dakota look too weak.

And I can see both sides. NXT last week ran video packages for all the other women on the roster and most of them came across as very confident when talking about Shayna. While Dakota did not get anything like that, and instead showed how afraid she was of Shayna. Again, I could see why people think that is a bad thing for Dakota.

But on the other side, it's a a good thing for Dakota because it makes her different. It give her a story and an obstacle to overcome. It gives her the goal to work to where she finally stands up to Shayna, which if executed properly could be a big moment.

I can see the complaints, but in the end I trust NXT to do right by these characters to lead to a good payoff and I truss Dakota and Shayna to play their roles well. That and I really like the attention to detail they have shown so far.

What do you think?
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Roy "Gambit" Mustang
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Depends where this goes but this could be a good story if done right.
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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

This could be interesting, I'm not sure where it might go, but they did make her seem different than all the other women. I'd predict eventually it'll be Dakota overcoming her fears and going after Shanya, and if it's long term, it might be cool if she actually wins eventually too.
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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

It could be a good story, but I'm thinking they are just building up Dakota for Takeover: Chicago, where its likely she loses to Shayna. Not really sure how I would feel if Dakota was the one to beat Shayna for the title, to be honest. As a Kairi fan, it would hurt a lot considering how often she's gotten the short end of the stick as of late, and she needs a major win considering she's floundering/more directionless more than any other major player right now.

Spoiler for Taping Spoiler:
Shayna comes out during Dakota Kai vs Vanessa Bourne and beats the hell out of Vanessa to scare Dakota even further. I have a feeling the next set of tapings will set up the match. Kairi is preoccupied with Lacey, who attacked her post match against Shanna McKenzie.

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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

If anyone has ever watched or played football, you would know that if you have injuries like a broken arm or leg when you come back, you are sometimes hesitant about making a tackle or something like that. This is not far off from that. Baszler abused her and broke her arm pretty easily so why wouldn't she be nervous about it. You could be angry as well but some people aren't like that. Same thing. Totally fine with this,
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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

It's already a more interesting story than Ember/Shayna borefest , Dakota is easier to root for than Ember ever was.
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Also supporting

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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

As a fan of Dakota,I'm enjoying it because she gets a storyline and ample screen time. I think she can make something out of this.

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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

It's refreshing and makes her more relatable. Not every babyface needs to be a fearless badass superhero at all times. Dakota has every reason to be scared of Shayna. She's a force unlike anything the division has seen before and already injured Dakota once with very little effort.

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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

My initial reaction is that it's fucking stupid and awful, Dakota has been wrestling for like 10 years, surely she's had a limb targeted before, surely she's gotten her ass kicked by a bigger, more intimidating opponent before. This seems like it should be a storyline for a rookie with no background like Jessie or Kacy, them learning the hard way what the industry is really like, not a veteran like Dakota.

That said, I'm a story guy and Dakota being in a dedicated story with some character development is better than just wrasslin'. So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and see if Dakota develops some lady balls and puts the beats to Shayna in the end, but seeing how they booked Ember against Asuka I'm not expecting them to stick the landing, they've shown absolutely no qualms about completely burying a top challenger to excessively prop up a 'legit bad ass'.
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Re: Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions

I'm just grateful they're doing something new for a change.

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