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Re: Rock/Metal Discussion Thread

New Ozzy single
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Re: Rock/Metal Discussion Thread

Spoiler for show poster:

Walters 43rd Birthday Celebration
Featuring: House of Haunt, Calling All Gods, Northern Shroud, Bloodless Child
Date: Saturday November 9th, 2019
Venue: Cherry Colas Rock and Rolla Cabaret in Toronto, Ontario

Walter Froebrich is a fixture of the Toronto metal scene. He’s at almost every show; big or small. He’s well known enough that he always ends up backstage getting pictures with the bands. Slayer, Ministry, Lamb of God; but he also supports the local scene too. He’s a good, gentle soul who’s never asked anyone for anything but last year his father passed away and left him all on his own so the community has banded together to help him out.

Bloodless Child went on first and they were the band I wanted to see tonight. They sounded terrible but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not sure about the drummer but they had a different guitarist at this show. The mix was crap and the vocalist sounded sick. It was death metal glory. What death metal band did you see this weekend? Bloodless Child fucked their ass.

Bloodless Child
1. Isolated Destruction
2. Visions of Doom
3. ?
4. Executioner
5. Sandblaster
6. ?
7. Incantatious Whispers

Northern Shroud were like any other female fronted melodic death metal band I’ve heard in my life. But they did a cover of Rob Zombies ‘Superbeast’, so that made them SO MUCH better. That song is so awesome.

I’ve never listened to much P.O.D. (aside from their wrestling songs) but I think Callinog All Gds are stuck in the same year they still are (2002). They...had hot girlfriends. And they covered the End of Heartache. Anyone who doesn’t love that song is lying to you. That song takes it’s fist, turns it sideways and sticks it straight up…YOUR CANDY ASS. They were fun once the crowd got drunk enough and I got a good buzz going.

House of Haunt were fucking terrible. No distortion pedals = done. was fun. They did a cover of Bad Moon Rising. And something else that I forgot already.

This show sucked but Walter is the man.

Spoiler for band pictures:
the man with Northern Shroud

House of Haunt

Calling All Gods

Northern Shroud

Bloodless Child

I’m going to New York Friday to see some band called Mortician. My ass is not ready.

Check out my awesome band:

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Re: Rock/Metal Discussion Thread

Spoiler for show poster:

Support: Funerus, Sacrificial Blood, Sickbay
Date: Friday November 15th, 2019
Venue: Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York

Yup, I flew to another country to see one band. But not just any band. I flew to see brutal death metal legends MORTICIAN doing a hometown show to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Saint Vitus is probably the greatest ghetto bar I’ve ever been to. No one checked our tickets when we went in (and we got there an hour after the place had opened) so we probably could have not even bothered with buying tickets. The bartender was really metal. He gave us a bunch of free shots for reasons like “it was the end of the bottle” or for no reasons other than “one’s on me”. I could see that if we were regulars at the bar but neither of us had ever been there in our lives. And between shows we left and got food and no one cared that we brought it right into the bar to eat.

Sickbay were better than I expected. Looking at their logo on the poster I thought they were going to be either a hardcore band or a nu-metal band but they were an old-school death metal band. I’ve heard it a million times before but I had no complaints.

Sacrificial Bloods drummer and bass player got stuck in traffic and showed up after the guitarists had done their sound check, so they did a shortened set of only four or five songs. It’s too bad because they were really good and played with some excellent ferocity. They were what I expected from a NYDM band.

Funerus were terrible. I left about a minute into their set to go buy a Mortician shirt and when I got back ten minutes later Nate decided he wanted to do the same, so I went and stood by the bar. I’m not sure why they were so terrible but they were terrible.

It was pretty much all lame support but the show was all about Mortician. The room filled to compacity and they crushed everything. They were so good. Since I didn’t have to drive home after the show I was able to drink like a maniac, so I don’t remember too much. I know they played Rabid, Mortician (the song), Zombie Apocalypse and Hacked Up for Barbecue. Nate said they played Driller Killer too and a lot from their early EPs and that the set was a lot different from when we saw them at Maryland Deathfest in May but I have zero recollection of that show either so I wouldn’t know. I don’t even like Mortician out of irony like a lot of people seem to. I legitimately like them and now I’ve seen them twice in one year. I have a feeling it will be a while until I see them again but apparently, they’re working on a new album. They probably still won’t be allowed in Canada but they’re worth flying to a different country for.

Sadly (well, not really) the bar had booked a goth dance party to start at 10:30 so this show got moved up to an earlier start and I’d imagine sets got cut short. The death metal crowd was pretty pissed off about that. We stayed for the goth dance and that was a hell of a lot of fun too.

Mortician are playing a second anniversary show in Philadelphia tonight and the support is a lot better (Malignancy, Limbsplitter, Embludgeonment, Chained to the Dead and Hog Slammer). It’s weird that in New York of all places and at an anniversary show of one of the most legendary bands from the scene that they couldn’t have gotten at least on good support band. The John McEntee (singer and guitarist of Incantation) plays guitar in Funerus so you’d think they could’ve gotten them to play. I'd say I’d rather have gone to the Philadelphia show but it is what it is and I had a blast. I got to buy a shirt off Will Rahmer himself and knocked his beer out of his hand after their set. Now he wants to kill me. But he always looks like he wants to kill the entire room.

Best. Show. Ever.

Spoiler for band pictures and info:

Check out my awesome band:
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