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Sex Pistols - Your Thoughts?

I'm actually a little shocked not to see a bit of love for this band on here considering how much they changed the music landscape as a whole. Without the Pistols, I doubt many bands, artists, styles of music, certain musical movements, having people think for themselves in those times and such would've happened.

I've been listening to 'Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols', read both John Lydon (recent) and Steve Jones' autobiographies, watched documentaries on them, listened to 'Spunk' and so on as of late, and whilst certain things may not be to people's tastes, I don't think anyone can deny how influential they were, and continue to be. Bands today would give anything to have an album like they did, to still have it talked and debated about 40 years later, and to have it cause an uproar like the Pistols did before and after (whether that too was going down the River Thames playing 'God Save the Queen' during the Queen's Silver Jubilee, having that particular single being banned from entering #1 on the singles chart, being kicked off two record labels before the album even came out, the insane live performances even with a replacement heroin addicted bass player who couldn't play for shite, killed a cat, and possibly killed his girlfriend), and so on.

So yeah, thoughts on the band?

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Re: Sex Pistols - Your Thoughts?

Image, intensity and attitude - great

The actual music - not so great tbh
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Re: Sex Pistols - Your Thoughts?

First time I heard Never Mind The Bollocks I loved it. Still do.

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Re: Sex Pistols - Your Thoughts?

Love their album, but they are the boy band of punk rock. Like many of Malcom McLaren's projects totally fabricated in what he thought "punk" should be. They were created so he could sell more clothes.
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Re: Sex Pistols - Your Thoughts?

They're a fairly ok punk band with a lot of notoriety because at the time the establishment really didn't like them. @Cereal Killer pretty much hit the nail on the head with his description too. Sid was worthless as a musician and Glen was much better. In general I enjoy some songs but I'm far more likely to listen to a Clash, Skids, UK Subs, Buzzcocks etc album than a Pistols one.
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