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  • DesolationRow ·
    To be wholly truthful, this great Dodgers team of the past two or so years has been about as "likable" as a Dodgers team can be. :lol Mostly a bunch of youthful and energetic players, etc. But they're still Dodgers, which means they're pure, unadulterated evil. :posey2

    Yes, great hearing from you and I hope you are well. I'm doing rather well right now--thank you for the kind words and well wishes. :curry
    DesolationRow ·
    How is that possible?!? Baseball is wonderful! WONDERFUL! :cheer :D

    Seriously, sorry that the team's demise for the year wounds you so. :mj2

    Even if they themselves deserve it and more. :curry2
    DesolationRow ·
    Yes I did know about that story with Chris Paul kicking Steph Curry off of the court. :lmao What a clown. Paul's flopping in this series was positively repulsive. Such a choking clown and con artist, more than a superstar basketball player in 2019 (even if he actually had a great Game 6, outside of his flopping antics).

    Rockets being stuck with that contract... :banderas :)

    Take care, SEJ! Thanks for passing that tweet along! I had not seen that before! :mark: :chefcurry :dray :sodone
    DesolationRow ·
    The Warriors seemed to learn how to contain Denver as the season progressed. Was at the March 8th and April 2nd games between the Nuggets and Warriors, and the Dubs were generally in command of those games from the jump, all the way to the finish line. But I think that Kevin Durant's injury plays a part in all of this, too, because with him out, I think Portland is definitely the better matchup, without any questions whatsoever, whereas with Denver, I tend to see it as unfortunate timing with KD's injury should it be Denver and the Warriors have to play, say, a pair of games to start the WCF without Durant.

    In any case, just gotta win eight more games. Hoping the next series is less stressful than the previous two, but I sincerely doubt that it will be. :lol
    DesolationRow ·
    Yes you are indeed correct. Waiting to see who emerges in the Western Conference Finals between Portland and Denver, and weighing the possibilities... One, as a Warriors fan, has mixed considerations.

    On one hand, the Dubs know the Trailblazers like the back of their hands. Granted, you are fantastically perceptive in noting that Oakland native, Dame, goes off like there's no tomorrow against the Warriors. And that back-court in general is going to roast you sooner or later.

    On the other hand, without Nurkic they have a soft underbelly and their forward situation is not particularly frightening.

    The Nuggets are the all-around better team with a force with which to be reckoned in Jokic. Murray is a terrific partner-in-crime with Jokic, and it goes beyond that, too: they are deep and they are rolling out a dozen dudes. Moreover, there is the matter of altitude.
    DesolationRow ·
    SEJ! :mark: I was just thinking as I awoke today that I should have mentioned you in the NBA thread. :lol Sorry. :eek: :curry

    Yes everything you say is 100% true. I am exhausted. Warriors! :mark: :chefcurry

    Rockets fans in particular--I guess because of years of seeing Durant so many times on OKC through the years?--truly dismissed Curry. Also it has to do with the rivalry between Rockets and Warriors fans over who's better: James Harden or Steph Curry. It's downright hilarious (and sad) that Rockets fans seem to think Harden is better. :lol But they see the difference in the teams being Durant. And then they had the added excuses with Chris Paul's injury, while neglecting to account for Andre Iguodala's before his in that same series.

    So now they can choke on all of their excuses, just as their team chokes every year. :curry2 ;)

    Take care, SEJ! :)
    DesolationRow ·
    :lol Yeah, real rough. :mj :curry2

    :lol I wouldn't be surprised by anything :curry does, honestly. :lol

    Seriously, hope all is well! :klay (Outside of sports, I mean.) :side:
    Stax Classic ·
    Literally down to only 4 shows this season, with only MMO Junkie and Just Because having me even really looking forward to that next ep.
    DesolationRow ·
    :curry2 :curry2 :curry2 :curry2 :curry2

    ASDROWS imo.

    There's always next year, though, SEJ! :) :eek:

    Dodgers fans should be proud of how far their team went. They won 104 games in the regular season, won the NL Pennant... They just barely fell short in the World Series.

    Though fall short they did. :side: :posey2
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