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  • Chameleon ·
    All you have to do is this bracket MEDIA=youtube bracket, copy and paste the stuff after the = sign inbetween the two brackets, and then add another bracket /MEDIA bracket. That's all.
    Chameleon ·
    Hi Shiv-sensei!!!!

    Don't worry about the friends thing, I didn't even notice it.

    I'm still trying to get used to the weird changes, lol. We're good.

    For the youtube videos, all you have to do is this

    And you get this:

    CJ ·
    Hey Shiv :beckyhi

    Hope everything's good in your part of the world. Eat some turkey for me :becky2
    DesolationRow ·
    :lmao The Dodgers. :heston :done Loved seeing them eliminated by the team that went on to win the World Series for the fourth year in a row. :heston :heston :heston

    I'm sorry about the kidney function and eyesight, my friend.

    So, so glad to hear that your heart is doing fine. :)

    The Warriors' season has been, to date, a nightmarish excursion into a strange twilight netherworld of despair. :lol Practically the entire team is out injured. :heston Oh well. Obviously the NBA Reaper has chosen them for extermination. A season of tanking for a lottery pick at this juncture is not the absolute worst-case scenario, so long as they are able to get the band back together (minus Kevin Durant) a year from now! :mark:

    Cal. :( Ah, yes, I feel bad even for USC in a weird, lovely way. :eek: :)

    Hope you're doing well as you read these words, Mr. Shiv. Please take care until we correspond once again. :)
    2 Ton 21 ·
    Hey Shiv. I haven't been posting as much lately so i didn't see you were back. Glad to see you and hope you are doing better.
    Carter84 ·
    Cheers shiv mate , hope u have a great day man .

    Coolest and with the fourth wall the nicest guys on here by far ,

    Peace shiv .
    Carter84 ·
    Hey shiv mate. Hope ur doing well , got some stuff to tell u if your online mate really bad mate .

    Peace bro .
    DesolationRow ·
    I hope this message finds you well. :eek: :posey2

    If you are around, please check out the MLB thread. Johnny Cueto is back from his Tommy John Surgery. Perhaps the Giants will have a solid starting rotation in 2020...? Or perhaps he will be traded this winter...?

    Please take care, my friend.
    Carter84 ·
    Shiv thanks for those Hildegard pics u sent me brother , I hope u msg me bk so we can talk like we used to , you were the first guy on here to make me feel welcome , stuff like that proves ur a good dude and liked by everyone , not a bad thing to say but your cooler than ice my brother , reply to my pm please .

    Hilde is a sexier version of Anna those eyes like blue sea and damn hot body only Anna's ass is better but hilde is sexier
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