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  • CJ ·
    Fuck knows. Mods are in the dark just like everyone else. The sites using the new software look shit though:sadbecky
    Jam ·
    Gonna be an absolute shit show lol, mess

    Dunno if I cba seeing through the move either man
    DesolationRow ·
    Hi there! Yes everything is well here, just about. Thanks. :eek: :)

    Hope likewise there now!

    :lol That LOUNATIC as I have taken to calling him can be tricky. :sneaky :lol

    Please take care! Always good hearing from you. :)
    Lyynch ·
    Hey, it's good to see you back!!! I was away on vacation end of October and had a lot of catching up to do at work last week so things have been busy. I'm also getting married in April. The venue my fiance and I want is cheaper than since it's still shoulder season but now that gives us 5 months to plan and we have a small budget but it shouldn't be too bad. How are things going in your life?

    I just watched her promo against Shayna, damn she is as good as ever on the mic. Can't wait for the SvS match!
    Jam ·
    Ok brother. All the best man I'm rooting for you.

    Wishing you all the best keep doing you.

    Jam ·
    Ye I'm so glad I just don't care about it anymore cause it's just a waste of time, I just get to laugh when I hear the bad stuff lmao, AEW does absolutely nothing for me either no interest

    Ye it sucks, stay away from rants too it's a cesspool..there's a discord Vic made which is pretty chill I'll give you a link if you ever feel like it but you don't have to if you wanna keep shit to a minimum
    Carter84 ·
    Same here I hadn't been on for a few weeks , but I do my picks for pwa and missed thembut the guy who runs it was cool .

    You take care mate , your a good lad and I hope you get whatever it is you need sorted , if you need any help let me know mate.

    Take care bro.
    Carter84 ·
    Hey bro , hope ur doing well , I'm just catching up on all wrestling I've been diagnosed with epilepsy mate , oh well just got to take my tablets , keep healthy too , hope ur ok mate , hit me me bk mate, yupour the nicest man on here with shiv .

    Take care .
    DammitChrist ·
    Nah, that poster wasn't talking about you. He was referring to some of the fickle fans who turned on Seth Rollins this year. That comment wasn't directed towards you. I'll assure you that there's NOBODY in the Rollins fan thread who wants you gone. It's really the opposite. Please don't go :(

    By the way, does this mean that you want me to stop with the weekly PMs of good matches now?
    They Call Him Y2J ·
    Very happy to read that, hope you'll have killer Christmas and New Year's nights, they're always my favourite.
    My holidays were like 50% of PS4, 20% of movies/series and 30% of getting shitfaced with friends so I def enjoyed them :Laugh
    And my stuends all think I was working on my lessons
    Jam ·
    RAW :bosque

    WWE :bosque

    Mafia :bosque

    Literally don't bother with any of it I'm just on discord really, forum has really gone to shit but good to see guys like you still kicking around, I'd definitely recommend staying away from Mafia then cause it's just getting worse anyway :francis
    BruiserKC ·
    There is nothing like chilling out in a chair in the evening, cold one in one hand and a book in the other. Much more personal than a tablet. :)
    Showstopper ·
    That's pretty much what I've been doing for months now. When Seth lost the title a few days ago, I did finally venture out into other threads for the first time in awhile, but yeah. There's just far too many trolls/baiters/re-joiners all over the place here. It'd be one thing if they were fair while having a discussion, but they're not, so it's not worth it. The weekly Raw and SD threads have been dead for awhile now, too. I haven't posted in a Raw live thread in months and I haven't missed it, either. Anyway, yeah, if you're looking to avoid trolls and whatnot, it's probably best to stick to fan threads and stuff like that. Just not worth it.
    Showstopper ·
    Awesome! Glad to hear you're doing well. Watching WWE again? That's cool. Might be easier to watch without reading this place, though, with how negative it is as we know. :lol I'm glad Seth isn't Champion anymore. Glad someone else will be blamed for everything. Sad state of affairs with how some fans are these days. But it is what it is, I guess. Maybe I'll see you on the Rollins fan thread.
    Showstopper ·
    Hey man! I'm doing alright. I also don't post as much as I used to due to being busy with work and the wife being pregnant and stuff. How are you? Hope you're doing well.
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