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  • jeffatron ·
    My Apologies for my outburts by the way, I was going through some serious shit, but I know the rules. Won't happen again.
    Magic ·
    also I played a game with someone on another forum that reminded me of you, except she's a female, but the SPAM of thoughts and random ass shit was just so shep. Everyone on that forum gets their own qt, even as town, and she had 63 posts talking to herself and spamming in hers. :lmao
    Magic ·
    oh man that will be fun to watch, let me know when it's out. Their 3 year run prior to being relegated where they avoided relegation at the end of the season was always fun.

    Especially when I talked with my friends that only ever asked me why I talked about Sunderland(or questioned how I even knew about their existence and why I always picked them in fifa :lmao).

    Also I am still planning to make that MHA game, just give me like a week and I'll send you some stuff. I actually want to make a GOOD game for once.
    Andre ·
    You must be so proud of Pickford and Henderson right now. SUNDERLAND GETTING ENGLAND TO A WORLD CUP SEMI FINAL :mark:
    Brock ·
    Yeah it's not looking too good for you :mj2

    I found it a very interesting doc at the time and would watch it again if they released it on DVD. I think it's the only one the BBC did in that series too.
    Brock ·
    Do you remember the BBC doc covering the Sunderland 1996/1997 season? The year you bought Waddle in jan. I remember recording it at the time and it was a good doc, despite you being relegated.
    Magic ·
    There's too much camping and stuff in fortnite for me to properly enjoy it. I mean I could, I have a few buddies that tried to persuade me into it by appealing to my ego("you'd be so good at this game"), but there's not even a competitive ranking system so no. :no:

    And that weird game that I decided to be good at is instead Brawlhalla since there is a ranking system(I should hopefully be at platinum soon, which is the 2nd highest rank).

    It's also free, as in f2p. I don't know if you ever played league of legends but it is similar to that where they cycle the champions every like week or 2 weeks and each character is usually viable so you don't feel at an unfair advantage at all.
    Magic ·
    i don't play fortnite at all btw. that's my friend, i just let him use my account to game because idc and i barely game anymore.

    except brawlhala.

    get brawlhala. AMAZGING stuff. like a weaponized version of smash bros. great, fun game that can also be a great fun couch co-op game.
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