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  • DesolationRow ·
    Yes as one becomes a more sobered person one recognizes that sports must be kept in its place as a passion. "Bread and circuses" is an apt description. Which is not to suggest that it does not have some value because it does but I wholly understand your perspective. Some elements coming into play for someone's health, or financial matters, etc., all help to put such entertainment options in their proper perspective and place.

    Hope you had a tremendous Thanksgiving holiday. :)
    DesolationRow ·
    That's too bad about having to squeeze eight hours' worth of work into four. :( I hope that this kind of hyperactive scheduling is not increasing your anxiety, my friend.

    :lol As you note, proving your jadedness (which I believe is as with so many of us, a front for a would-be potential idealist :lol) you are at least in the position from which you may pass the buck to those under you. :lol
    DesolationRow ·
    That is splendid about your boy acquiring his license to drive. :) :lol at him reminding you of yourself at around that age.

    Too bad about the Ren Fair being over--but that is excellent to hear that you and your wife are done with your Christmas shopping! Over a month before Christmas--at the time of your message! :mark: :lol That is a fine accomplishment unto itself, my friend.

    The finest flavors and brews! :woo :woo
    DesolationRow ·
    I have been thinking about you a lot, my friend. I'm doing well, for the most part. Some issues in terms of physical health but nothing too dramatic. :eek: :)

    Thank you for asking. How are you? How is the family?

    The Bengals are winless, but you are wise to not care. :) :eek:

    Please come back around very, very soon. Miss ya!
    Thank you, Pratch. It's like in The Princess Bride with Wesley being mostly dead. I will be mostly gone but I am still going to read the site;I just won't spend so much time here.

    Please take care. I pass the torch of the ancient mariner to you. Stay young and be well. :)
    SMetalWorld ·
    It's not the fact Christmas songs are bad (well, for the most of them, they are) but the fact, they repeat that fucking song about 11 times back-to-back with different singer or a different variation at work, it would drive you crazy.

    I discovered him like a year or 2 ago. His song "Cheap Thrills" is pretty cool, as well, with his daughter. Very adorable.
    SMetalWorld ·
    Oh yeah, I do... the guy's awesome. His cover to "Africa" is awesome. I've heard one of his albums when he was in a band long-time ago.
    DesolationRow ·
    No worries, my friend. I've been extraordinarily busy myself the past, oh, two months or so? :lol

    I've been spending maybe 20 minutes on here a day. Perhaps fewer. However, I'm finding myself getting just a little bit more time now, so I'm trying to be around for a while longer from time to time. We'll see. :lol

    No need to apologize for not being on here, Pratch. I hope you and your brood are set to enjoy Christmas and the festive season. :)

    I think I have a PM from you I still need to respond to? I'll take a look at that in the near future. And for not getting back to you I do emphatically apologize. I'm sorry.

    Take care!
    DesolationRow ·
    Ah, my apologies, Pratch. I must do better at getting back to your PMs! :mark:

    I'll get back to you as I can later this week/this upcoming weekend to delve into my thoughts concerning those songs. I am actually listening to one of them again as these words are being written. But which one? :hmmm All will be revealed soon. ;)

    Thanks for looking forward to that!

    And thanks just as much for the win against the Cal Bears' rival. Go Bearcats! Bears, Bearcats. We ought to be natural allies. :)
    DesolationRow ·
    This is amazing. The West does not need enemies, no matter how much Russia is pushed as one. It will destroy itself. :lmao

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