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  • Magic ·
    and while I don't really want to see it over there, I am really looking forward to being scum on perc. Like I sort of said there, it's going to be a game in which 1) it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong on reads as long as I can justify my thought process 2) me being alive isn't inherently scummy 3) I'm not even expected to lead and honestly they'd probably prefer if I didn't! I can see myself potentially choking, but all in all that seems like it will be boat loads easier than playing on here already lol.

    Liz's post sums it up well: "It's still weirding ne out that I'm following sword's thought process and he's been voting the right wagons this game..." lol if they're shocked when I play well then justifying mistakes is like a billion times easier.
    Rugrat ·
    Ah well done. I saw your page after my comment and decided to help (it's payday today after all :hb ). Impressive stuff though pal, I've seen a few of your articles in the Warrington Post, including the before and after pics (and you got to meet Wayne Bridge :brodgers).
    Pratchett ·
    I skipped sleep and got on my phone at work to keep up with your Mafia game. I know I didn't do so great, but I learned a lot about overall game play and certain things I can get better on. (Y)
    El Dandu ·
    Are you entering Round 4 bids? Everyone is in. There is still about 3 hours left.

    If you're ever not making bids in a round, just say "no bids" and that way I know I can proceed. If you want out due to time restrictions, SHIRLEY has been following the draft and can replace in if needed.

    Hope all is well!
    LadyRollins ·

    Are you still looking for tickets? I've got a one but can't attend the show because of work (and damn meetings!), so can sell on
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