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  • Corey ·
    My AAW list from last year is on my other laptop that doesn't connect to any form of WiFi internet so I'm gonna send you that list tonight when I can get it hooked up on ethernet. (Y)
    Rookie of the Year ·
    No problem man, hope all is well! Yeah, I understand where you're coming from with that. I guess, for me, I don't really have too great feelings of loneliness or isolation. I have a pretty active social life and a great group of friends, so there's just that one bit missing. One night stands help reassure me that I'm not totally hideous haha, even if alcohol's involved. Things can change in an instant though- I hit it off with a sober girl on Friday night and now we're going to a band on New Year's Eve together :) you never know, could be just around the corner for you too!
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