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  • MrMister ·
    lol I googled it. just an exercise bike. i was hoping it was a motorcycle with machine guns and rocket launchers.
    MrMister ·
    Same to you! :mark:

    I watched Dallas for the first time in so long I can't really remember the last time I watched. Same thing as always. :garrett
    Dub ·
    What a win against the packers :banderas, but nobody is taking about them since the Cowboys lost :lol The next two games are crucial, hopefully they can contain lamar jackson and crew
    Magic ·
    You should join and you can pop in to chat whenever. It's like the chatbox(except there's no lou pretending to be deso). There's a specific sports chat too, which is helpful so shit doesn't get lost so easily/it's not really a big commitment and it would be nice having you around.

    And if we're never destined to be good at the same time hopefully our turns continue in the same manner. So 40 more years of warrior woefulness and Laker success. :kobe3
    Arya Dark ·
    His cerebral style really resonates with me. Everything he does is with a purpose and extends into things he'll do in the future. Let me show you what I was talking about earlier. I'll find versions of these songs that have lyrics because sometimes it's hard to follow what he says. Mansion is incredible as he builds a story of the mansion that is a metaphor for his mentally unstable mind and what each room in that mansion contains. Pay close attention the the last verse and then check out the song after... it's amazing.


    When he mentions "therapy" he's talking about the previous album and Mansion came before that.


    now after you let that sink in and make up your own thoughts about it check out this reaction video to it.... sums it up quite well and let's you in on the genius that is NF

    Arya Dark ·
    His visual genius is just on another level. There's one song called Intro III that is phenomenal but you'd have to listen to two or three other songs to fully get the story and I love that.

    Also if you'll notice there's no vulgarity at all in his songs....which is pretty unique for the genre.
    Pratchett ·
    Speak to me not of the "bread and circus". It's not that I have put the Bengals out of my mind, I just don't get into any of that stuff anymore. I try to watch the Bearcats, and even that doesn't hold too much excitement for me. I can't help but look at sports as being just another tribal tool that our overseers are using to keep us divided from each other. Jaded Pratch is not a happy Pratch. But I'll keep watching wrestling, because since the world is fake, I might as well enjoy the one part of it that admits it.
    Pratchett ·
    Did I tell you that I got a promotion? Nothing major, but technically I am in charge of Inventory Control. Of course, I work for a bunch of ignorant skinflints who believe that "Lean Manufacturing" involves using as few people as possible to make as little product as necessary, but it is what it is. Oh, and because they are cheap I have to squeeze 8 hours of work into 4, because gods know they cannot have an actual person available to do shipping and receiving while they have someone like me there to cover for them until they show up for their shift. At least I can take solace in being part of the problem now. What a wonderful opportunity I have been given, being fortunate enough to be able to pass a buck to those under me.
    Pratchett ·
    I am glad you are doing well.

    I am getting along okay. Just a few hurdles left, but they are always the most daunting. Anxiety is a bitch.
    The boy finally got his drivers license. Hopefully soon he will get himself a car and I will no longer have to chauffeur him around. He reminds me of myself at his age. The poor kid doesn't have much of a future if he can't fix that. :)
    The wife is doing good, she is as happy with where she is currently working as she has ever been. All of our Christmas shopping is done, so there is a load off her mind, which equals a load off my mind. We just spent a few days in Amish country a couple weekends ago. That was a nice and much needed respite from the rat race. We are slightly bummed that the Ren Fair is now over, but all good things must come to an end. And I have enough tea hopefully to last me until it comes back. There is a lady there who mixes up herbs to make the most amazing flavors and brews. These will work nicely with my cold office.
    Magic ·
    Sharks and Niners. As one of Dynasty falls, another rises. :mj2

    And warriors will be fine. This might ultimately be the best outcome as they can tank and get a high pick and maybe combine that and DLo to fill out some depth or a star front court partner. Will be interesting to see what route they go in.
    Greenlawler ·
    Deso thank you for asking. Things are good as far as we know. We just have not heard anything....We are hopeful that means they did not find anything.
    DOPA ·
    Very interesting article indeed, some of those stories feel absolutely surreal to say the least.

    I'm good, we're in an interesting period here with an election coming up and Brexit hanging in the balance. I hope to god Corbyn and Labour don't get in.
    Arya Dark ·
    this dude is pretty great... :aryep a different sort of cat. A lyrical genius if you will.


    Banez ·
    Donskoi did his first hat trick not too long ago in Colorado :mark:

    Shame he couldn't reach his full potential in your team.
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