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  • DesolationRow ·
    Hope all is well. Are you enjoying the new Miranda Lambert album?

    Anyway, have to run, sadly, but I hope you and yours are faring spectacularly! :)
    DesolationRow ·
    Got to go to a four-hour meeting which should be grueling but the good news is I get to attend a play tonight near UCLA starring Andy Garcia and others--an adaptation of "Key Largo"! That should be grand. Tomorrow more business all day and I will stay over and fly back home Saturday in the early evening.
    DesolationRow ·
    In Los Angeles on business! Just had an early business lunch!

    Hope you and the Family Croft are well! How's Mama Croft doing this early December? :)
    MrMister ·

    They need footage of Fred Biletnikoff and Ken Stabler smoking cigarettes on the sidelines. The 70s was just a different world.
    Arya Dark · ·
    Not sure what I think about this new forum style lol
    Hi. I hope all is well with you. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. Thank you for being a friend and for all the sig help. Please take care and I wish you many, many more 12th birthdays. :)

    Vaya con dios.
    DesolationRow ·
    :dance2 :dance2


    :dance2 :dance2

    Hope you and Mama Croft particularly had a wonderful and sweet Thanksgiving holiday. :)

    DesolationRow ·
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Family Croft entire! All 5,302,118 cousins! :woo :woo :woo :sodone

    :cheer :cheer :cheer

    Please give your folks a big hug each today. And maybe play some CORNHOLE with family! :woo :woo :woo :sodone

    I am saying hello to all friends including the Family ODD, who are in Fresno, California today with myriad cousins of their own. Papa ODD's historical roots are in Utah with crazed Mormons the way mine are in Kentucky if you go back far enough which is only a couple of generations ago! :lol :woo Anyhow a bunch of his relatives including uncles and cousins settled down in Fresno and that's where the Family ODD are today.

    But one of our mutual friends, whose mother passed this summer, will be with us here for Thanksgiving today. :)

    Please take care and have a sweet, lovely Thanksgiving Day. You da Best! :bow

    Enjoy that turkey! Gobble Gobble! :woo :woo
    DesolationRow ·
    :woo :woo PRINCESS ON THANKSGIVING! :woo :woo

    I have more to be thankful than I can possibly convey being your friend. It's one of the only things I've been thinking about when I'm able to think of something apart from the daily quotidian affairs of business or interpersonal family life or friendships around here in the Bay Area.

    Every second that I possibly took your magnificence for granted deserves an apology from me. Or when you would rightly sternly tell me to get more sleep and grumble when I did not, and it would test me, you were of course correct. I am thankful to you for always telling me the truth even if I didn't want to hear it at that particular moment. :p It's one of the attributes which help to make you THE BEST! :cheer :cheer :cheer

    MIRANDA LAMBERT AT THE PARADE! :woo :woo :woo :done
    DesolationRow ·
    :woo :woo SABBER DABBER :woo :woo

    :cheer NINERS :cheer

    Hope all is as well as can be in Croftville, Beautiful! :)

    And I shall get to those videos you sent! I read what you wrote and it seems utterly tremendous. Thank you for the dazzling commentary! :woo

    I'm sure the context will be brightened considerably by actually watching and listening to those videos! Which I shall soon! :)

    Hope you're doing well. How did Mama Croft's latest medical treatment or test go?
    DesolationRow ·
    :dancingpenguin DA GREATEST :dancingpenguin

    Go BIG BLUE! :woo

    How are you?

    How's Mama Croft?

    How's Papa Croft?

    TCM showing John Ford films all night including The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and The Searchers! :woo :woo
    DesolationRow ·
    A weary DROW must retire for the evening, unfortunately. Will get back to you on the songs and your thoughts soon! Thank you in advance for all of that. :)

    G'night! :woo :woo

    DesolationRow ·
    :woo :woo :woo SAB 'EM ALL! :woo :woo :woo

    Those are stupendous points you raise, Sabrina. The cleanliness of the lyrics were immediately evident, and yet aside from that, the entire arrangements and performances were so engrossing that it was easy to not dwell on that, either. I do deeply appreciate that, however, particularly in a genre that tends to lean on swear words as you note! Thank you for discussing this feature! :mark:

    How many of his songs have you listened to? Sounds like you have become quite the fan, and rightly so! What should I listen to from him next? :mark:
    MrMister ·
    Good point. A tight concise story is better than one where you wonder why the fuck something happens and it never pays off aka The Wallking Dead.
    MrMister ·
    I didn't watch yet :side:

    I read episode 2 is even shorter. The good thing is the longer I wait the more episodes I get for free.
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