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  • Magic ·
    So I got a gym related question. I got a friend, 18 and wants to try for the olympics, that literally squated every day for 30 days straight. He said the soreness stopped, the results continued, and he was doing fine.

    Now he had improvement, obviously, and he has yet to get hurt(although I question his form a bit as his knees do go past his toes and I've been told that's completely unnoticeable, but he's also ass to grass and again says nothing about pain), but I was wondering if you think he hurt his ability to gain better results if he just rested and did them every other day opposed to EVERY day. I don't think I'd ever squat every day, but it did have me thinking if what he was doing was really getting him the best possible results or he just thought it was as he was still getting results. :hmm:
    Wynter ·
    You're just gonna taint my user CP with a red rep huh :homer2

    Plus, I said they looked like dumbasses tonight. I didn't say they were ruined forever :lol
    Magic ·
    "Sorry if asked about...

    Will there be an update to make the quoting system take you to where you were quoted?"

    you can do this by just clicking on the title of thread that you were quoted in(after going to the quote mentioned area after getting quoted).
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