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The Sopranos Mafia

Spoiler for rules and shit:

bold your votes duh
don't quote your PM
don't screenshot shit
don't talk outside of this thread or the QT if you have one
if you break any of these rules i will not only modkill you, but i will have your entire family whacked
also try to stay active. i'm looking for DAT ACTIVITY. don't assume ANYTHING. game could include super minor fucking cameos to Tony Soprano also some of the flavor might not be as good as others. just don't assume anything and then get mad at me when it's your own fault for making assumptions. don't bitch and complain about your role. this is my first time hosting and i'm probably going to fuck up something so deal with it. open to criticism, but save it for the dead qt/after the game. ok enough of the boring shit. just remember this game is supposed to be FUN.



Day 1: Hohenheim of Light was Phil Leotardo, Godfather
Night 1: dan the marino was Richie Aprile, Tracker
Night 1: Lawls was Carmine Lupertazzi Sr., Watcher
Night 1: IMPULSE was Silvio Dante, Sensor
Day 2: Waratah was Johnny Sack, Strongman
Day 2: Evolution was Butch Deconcini, Ninja
Night 2: DocBlue was Artie Bucco, Chef
Night 2: Roger Sterling was Gerry Torciano, Bodyguard
Night 2: Cloverleaf was Sal "Big Pussy" Bopensiero, Commuter
Night 2: HESIENBERG was Meadow Soprano, Mason
Night 2: Pumbaa was Anthony Soprano Jr., Mason
Day 3: Big_Man was Mikey Palmice, Busdriver
Day 3: Skyfall was Livia Soprano, Cop
Night 3: sXe_Maverick was Janice Soprano, Vouyer
Night 3: LadyCroft was Joey Peeps, Silencer
Night 3: dan the marino was Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., Double Voter
Day 4: Pezley was Perry Annunziata, Weak Bodyguard
Day 4: Titania was Vin Makazian, Follower
Night 4: Mr. Snrub was Jennifer Melfi, Psychologist

Day 5: Mikey Damage was Paulie Walnuts, Vigilante
Day 5: Striker was Vito Spatafore, Gay Lover
Day 5: Ziggler Mark was Johnny Cakes, Gay Lover
Night 5: IMPULSE was Feech La Manna, Backup

Day 6: TaylorFitz was Christopher Moltisanti, Druggie
Night 6: The Bad Guy was Frank Cubitoso, Chief
Day 7: Anark was Adriana La Cerva, RAT
Day 8: CamillePunk was Dwight Harris, Special Agent
Day 8: Rush was Corrado "Junior" Soprano, Paranoid Gun Owner

Replacement list:
1. ChrisK

Spoiler for Day 0:
Tony Soprano awakes. As usual he makes his way down his huge driveway to get the paper.

He scans the paper looking for any news about possible RICO cases the FBI are making. He finds nothing on the FBI front, but his eye is caught by a headline about a suspected organized crime related murder.
Spoiler for article:
Yesterday at about four in the afternoon Albert Barese, New Jersey aligned, Capo, (Win Condition: You win when all threats to the New Jersey have been eliminated and at least one New Jersey aligned player is alive), was found dead. New York aligned mobsters are suspected to be behind this hit.
Before he can continue reading the article Tony begins to feel lightheaded and his knees buckle. He passes out from a panic attack after reading this horrible news that war has broken out again.

Spoiler for Day 1:

After a full day of discussion and going back and forth no lynch was achieved. However it was universally agreed upon by town that Taylor's drug habit was really ruining him. One townie was quoted as saying, "anybody else would've had their fuckin intervention right through the back of their head." Despite Taylor's death wish he agreed to go to rehab and begins his road to recovery.

TaylorFitz is sent to rehab.

Also as night was rapidly falling upon us, the FBI raided a Lupertazzi Family safehouse. HoL wasn't gonna go quietly though. He'd already done too many years and he wasn't going back, unfortunately for him, the FBI agent was happy to put a cap in him.
Spoiler for HoL was:
Phil Leotardo, New York aligned, Godfather.

New Jersey rejoiced as night began.

Spoiler for Night 1:

Lawls pulled up on Junior Sopranos' home. Keeping tight survailance for any DiMeo Family members that might show up to pay their respects to the old senile man. Junior had been spending the night watching informercials in his underwear. He felt he was being watched, as he regularly did given his paranoia from increasingly worsened dimentia. Junior peaked out his window and saw Lawls parked up the street, hardly discreet. The paranoid old man began talking to himself.

Junior: They're watching me. That fucking Pussy Malanga.

Junior got his gun upstairs and headed outside, as he approached the car, still in his underwear Lawls reluctantly rolled down the window to explain himself.


Lawls: Wha-

Crack! Lawls was dead before he could even explain himself.

Spoiler for Lawls was:
Carmine Lupertazzi Sr., New York aligned, Watcher

It wasn't all bad for New York that night, though. Butch Deconcini, the underboss of the late Phil Leotardo, stumbled upon a hit list that Phil had made prior to his untimely death. Butch, still loyal to his fallen friend, decided to carry out his wishes. He quietly snuck up on dan the marino and left his brains on the pavement, leaving no witnesses.

Spoiler for dan the marino was:
Richie Aprile, New Jersey aligned, Tracker

Upon hearing the news of Richie's murder, IMPULSE rushed to visit Johnny Sack in prison, hoping to broker a peace deal with the Lupertazzi family.

IMPULSE: Johnny, Phil is gone. Someone hit Richie Aprile tonight. The FBI is up all of our asses. Whaddya say we end this war? I know you're not out on the street anymore, but technically you're still the boss.

Johnny: Fuck it IMP, you're right. If we manage not to get killed in this game then we end up in here. Then when you're in here you get the cancer anyway, shit is no good.

IMPULSE: How's that goin anyway?

Johnny: They say I got 3 months, but they said the same shit 2 years ago. Life is too short for this drama bullshit.

IMPULSE: Yeah it is. We gotta stick together in this thing of ours. Can you believe the stupid shit we go to war for? Like that time Ralphie made that wisecrack about your wife, hah. How did that go again? But like you said life is too short.


Johnny pulls a shank out of his sock and slits IMPULSE'S throat, leaving him dead.

Spoiler for IMPULSE was:
Silvio Dante, New Jersey aligned, Sensor


Johnny is escorted off by prison guards.

TaylorFitz suffered a tough night of detox while in rehab, but managed to pull through the night.

Spoiler for Day 2:

Rising manages to survive an early beatdown when the attention was turned to the hated townie, no the miller, no the bomb, no the MVP, Waratah. The angry mob quickly had Waratah lynched, despite his threats.
Spoiler for Waratah was:
John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni, New York aligned, Strongman

New Jersey again celebrated. However their celebration didn't last long as Cloverleaf was informed that he had cancer and only until night 3 to live. Despite this awful news, Jersey was happy with their new hero, Evolution, but the FBI saw right through it. An FBI agent tracked him down and put a bullet in his head.

Spoiler for Evolution was:
Butch DeConcini, New York aligned, Ninja

TaylorFitz was released from rehab, whether he will maintain sobriety is up to him.

dan the marino replaces 3VK
IMPULSE replaces GOD

Spoiler for Night 2:

Paulie Walnuts was at Vesuvio enjoying a fine Italian meal at his favorite chef, DocBlue's restaurant. Paulie was trying to just enjoy his dinner and take his mind off the current war brewing between the Lupertazzi and Dimeo crime families, however even at this peaceful restaurant trouble arose. Roger Sterling burst in and put a hot one in DocBlue's forehead leaving him dead.

Spoiler for DocBlue was:
Artie Bucco, New Jersey aligned, Chef

Sterling was not aware of Paulie Walnut's presence though. Before Sterling could flee, Paulie returned the favor and put a bullet right in the back of Sterlings head, leaving Sterling dead at the scene of his own crime.

Spoiler for Roger Sterling was:
Gerry Torciano, New York aligned, Bodygaurd

As Paulie Walnuts was fleeing the scene of one murder, Cloverleaf was on his way to the FBI headquarters, but he was being tailed. Cloverleaf pulled over. The man following Cloverleaf emerged from his car and approached him. Cloverleaf rolled down his window.

Cloverleaf: Hey..uhh...Ralphie how's it goin?

Ralph: Where you goin Clovey? You're a long way out of Jersey.

Cloverleaf: I got some uhh business to take care of Ralphie. I'm on borrowed time with the cancer and all. I uhh gotta set... uhh things in or-order.

Ralph: What's with the fuckin stutter? What you can't take the cancer you weak prick? Headed to fuckin rat me out?

Cloverleaf: No...I..would uhhh never uhh

BLAOW! Ralph Cifaretto put Cloverleaf out of his misery right there on the side of the road.

Spoiler for Cloverleaf was:
Sal "Big Pussy" Bopensiero, New Jersey aligned, Commuter.

HEISENBERG and Pumbaa foolishly went to go visit their delusional Uncle Soprano. He was still as paranoid as ever. They offered to recruit him into their quicktopic, but before they could finish talking he shot HEISENBERG and Pumbaa both at the same time. Junior was heard saying, "two for the price of one".

Spoiler for Heisenberg was:
Meadow Soprano, New Jersey aligned, Mason

Spoiler for Pumbaa was:
Anthony Soprano Jr., New Jersey aligned, Mason

TaylorFitz took multiple bong hits. He managed to get in touch with his sponsor later that night though and is doing fine.

Spoiler for Day 3:

Big_Man was pressured heavily. He made his claim, but the new guy and the drug addict didn't give a fuck. They pulled him from the fucking drivers seat and hung him up like a Christmas ornament.

Spoiler for Big_Man was:
Mikey Palmice, New Jersey Aligned, Busdriver

An FBI agent went to question Skyfall about potential night results. Skyfall proved to be a senile old bat though. The FBI agent grew increasingly impatient with Skyfall's incoherence. The FBI agent said one last time that he desperately needed information about organized crime in New Jersey, Skyfall's response was, "oh poor you." That was the straw that broke the camels back, as the FBI agent 187ed that bitch.

Spoiler for Skyfall was:
Livia Soprano, New Jersey aligned, Cop

Spoiler for Night 3:
Night 3: 9/11

LadyCroft was on the run now. She knew here time was up. She headed into Jersey and shot the first mothafucka she saw. sXe_Maverick was dead at the scene.
Spoiler for sXe was:
Janice Soprano, New Jersey aligned, Vouyer

She tried to flee up an alley, but she was met by a very high Christopher Moltisanti at the end of the alley, so she tried to flee in the other direction, but she was met there by a mysterious hitman. Both Christopher and the hitman filled her up with lead.
Spoiler for LC was:
Joey Peeps, New York aligned, Silencer

With all the chaos, Tony, went to speak with Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., son of former NY boss Carmine Lupertazzi. Tony and Carmine were pretty good friends, but the latest bloodshed had Carmine calling his own loyalty into question. A heated argument broke out, but Tony struck first. After he gave Carmine a heinous beating, he pulled out his choppa like it was December 31st and hit Carmine where it hurt.
Spoiler for he was:
dan the marino, Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., New York aligned, Double Voter

TaylorFitz decided to :matt. He may be a bit hungover.

Spoiler for Day 4:
Day 4: SHORE

An angry mob quickly descended upon Pezley. Because he was so weak he was lynched before he even got to claim.
Spoiler for Pezley was:
Perry Annunziata, New Jersey aligned, Weak Bodyguard

Titania was enjoying a day at the Jersey Shore doing some "private investigations" work at the beach. An FBI agent approached her. The agent began to question her about organized crime and her affiliation with it. Titania refused to open her mouth out of fear of the consequences. The FBI agent grew increasingly violent and began to dunk her head under the waters of the Jersey Shore in order to torture out some INFO. Titania refused to betray Tony Soprano though, so the FBI agent, realizing he had reached the point of no return, drowned her. Sending a serious message to all mobsters in the tri-state area.
Spoiler for Titania was:
Vin Makazian, New Jersey aligned, Follower

Spoiler for Night 4:

Paulie Walnuts learned his boss had been talking to a shrink. So he approached Dr. Snrub () and questioned him. Snrub swore alliance to New Jersey, but Paulie Walnuts wasn't buying it. All of Dr. Snrub's big fancy PhD words were driving Paulie insane. Paulie demanded that Dr. Snrub stop mindfucking him, but Snrub was trying to talk himself out of a bad situation. Paulie put his gun up to Snrub's head and pulled the trigger, having finally had enough. Paulie said, "how's that for a mindfuck?"

Spoiler for Mr. Snrub was:
Jennifer Melfi, New Jersey aligned, Psychologist

Spoiler for Day 5:
Day 5: Suicide, homicide, more suicide.

The mob rallied around dat info this time. Mikey tried to talk some sense, but in the end he said fuck you guys I'm going home and hung himself out to dry.

Spoiler for Mikey Damage was:
Paulie Walnuts, New Jersey aligned, Vigilante

Meanwhile the FBI agent continued his hunt. He found the first ever openly gay mobster in New Jersey history, Striker. The agent realized that he had be ex-communicated from the DiMeo family due to his sexuality and decided to just kill him, rather than arrest him and waste time on paper work.

Spoiler for Striker was:
Vito Spatafore, New Jersey aligned, Gay Lover

Ziggler Mark was extremely depressed after the death of his partner. He burned himself to death in an industrial oven at a diner.

Spoiler for Ziggler mark was:
Johnny Cakes, New Jersey aligned, Gay Lover

Spoiler for Night 5:

Christopher Moltisanti took a huge gamble and decided to commit his second murder of the game. He managed to blow IMPULSE's face off. He nearly died in the process himself, but he did manage to surive the night somehow.

Spoiler for IMPULSE was:
Feech La Manna, New Jersey aligned, Backup

TaylorFitz has relapsed.

Spoiler for Day 6:
Day 6: Overdose

An angry mob attempted to lynch The Bad Guy, but he was nowhere to be found.

An FBI agent found TaylorFitz in a crackhouse and unloaded on him.

Spoiler for TaylorFitz was:
Christopher Moltisanti, New Jersey aligned, Druggie

Spoiler for Night 6:

Ralph Cifaretto burned The Bad Guy's home to the ground in a fit of rage, while he was sleeping peacefully.

Spoiler for The Bad Guy was:
Frank Cubitoso, FBI aligned, Chief

Spoiler for Day 7:

Town decided to fuck Anark in the ass and make him humble. (yeah i'm running out of ideas)
Spoiler for Anark was:
Adriana La Cerva, FBI aligned, RAT

An FBI agent rolled up on Tony Soprano and attempted to arrest him. Tony refused to give up, so the FBI agent had no choice, but to shoot. Thankfully Tony had his kevlar on and evaded the FBI agent.

Spoiler for Night 7:
Night 7: PEACE

It was a quiet night. Nothing happened, perhaps the calm before the storm.

Spoiler for Day 8:

Despite CamillePunk's threats he was lynched by town.
Spoiler for CamillePunk was:
Tony Blundetto, New Jersey aligned, Miller
Spoiler for no really:
Dwight Harris, FBI aligned, Special Agent

As he was being strung up he blew Rush's face off, who forgot his gun at home as his alzheimer's began to set in. He was quoted as saying, "ME AND RUSH GOING OUT TOGETHER JUST LIKE I ALWAYS WANTED" like a .......

Spoiler for Rush was:
Corrado "Junior" Soprano, New Jersey aligned, Paranoid Gun Owner

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Re: The Sopranos Mafia


So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

dont even sign up, get role. so boss

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Do the damn thing

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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

this is the first mafia game that I've been involved in where it actually has a mafia theme.... my Public Enemies one was the closest that I can recall. [/house hufflefluff]


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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

Hit girl needs to kill all bad guys

So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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Re: The Sopranos Mafia


vote roger
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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

yo why didn't i get in this shit

fuck u scrilla

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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

you can get on the replacement list.

anyway i forgot to set a day dealine. i'll just leave it open ended for now. basically it's not ending anytime soon and will depend on activity.
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Re: The Sopranos Mafia

You PM'd me. Last night. Asking if I wanted in. What the fuck? Fuck you scrilla I hate you.

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