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King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

"The Kingdom is Tight"

Once upon a time, a man by the name of Seb was the ruler of a kingdom known as Mafia. This Kingdom was full of many rich people, as well as many peasants. Seb appeared to be the official ruler of this kingdom.

Seb: Hear ye! Hear ye! Quiet down my peasants, for I shall now host the greatest game you will ever come across here in Mafia-bethan Times - 24 Mafia!

And so Seb lived up to his word, hosting not only 24 Mafia, but Space Jam Mafia soon after where King Hooper I was screwed from winning the game. King Hooper I soon fled from the Kingdom shortly following this, especially after he was forced to be a Mafia member in this game, but has returned since then under the disguise of DH, a shop owner at the Survivor Mega Store.

Many months following the disappearance of a King, Seb was still the ruler of the Mafia Kingdom, and was all set to host WF Posters Mafia - one of the most hyped up games in history. But just as the game had begun, the peasants of the outerworld had an uprising, banning Seb from the Mafia Kingdom for a temporary, pre-determined amount of time, thus leaving nobody to occupy the throne of the Mafia Kingdom ...

Until Sir Chelseafan arrived at the scene, scum detector in his left hand, hypnosis ring in his right hand, and a crown on his head. He had clearly jumped the gun.

Everybody looked up to him as if God had come down from Heaven, and this was literally the case. Without hesitation, Chelseafan walked up to the throne that was occupied by Seb only hours earlier, but now belonged to Sir King Chelseafan I. He was the new ruler of the Mafia Kingdom!

Life went on in the kingdom of Mafia. Five star games were hosted left and right, including games like LOST Mafia, WWE Mafia (by BD), Heroes Mafia, Prison Break Mafia, Mushroom Kingdom Mafia, and many, many more! Seb slowly found himself drifting away from what once was his kingdom, and despite winning Best Mafia Player of the Year award, decided it was best to throw in the towel .. .. or had he?

RKO920: King Chelseafan, King Chelseafan!

Chelseafan: What is it, peasant?

RKO920: I swear on Postage's life I saw a man today that looked exactly like Seb!

Chelseafan: Seb? Why, that cannot be! I thought he had left forever, damnit! Oh, what's gotten into you, you bloody idiot! You two, rid of this court jester!

Two protectors of the throne step in front of the scene and immediately dispose of RKO920 .. literally. All it takes is placing a bag over his head and sufficating him to death.

RKO920 was dead. He was nothing more than a Peasant, Townspeople aligned.

Chelseafan: Now throw that booze-rattled tard's body in the American dumpster outside, I'm sick of them saying that Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. It's not, damnit, IT'S NOT!

Just then, someone walks in - a female. It appears to be Skittles the great, a Mafia player who played briefly back in the day, but nowadays is nowhere to be found.

Queen Skittles: Mister Johnathan Lostfan, there's a man who wants to see you, shall I let him in?

Chelseafan: Well, that depends who it is your majesty.

Queen Skittles: Well ... umm .. ... .. .. ... it's .. S-Seb.

Chelseafan's expression goes blank as if he may have seen a ghost, and standing behind Queen Skittles in the doorway to the castle ... is Seb.


Out on the street, everybody in the Mafia Kingdom were gathered around the castle after hearing the buzz.

Es Eye, the prince to the throne, was pushing his way through the crowds to get to the castle.

Es Eye: Out of my way, fools! My dad is in there! And I'm the heir to the throne!

Es Eye finally pushes through the crowds and gets to the draw bridge, only for a black horse to come running in front of him. Riding the horse .. is Postage.

Postage: You're out of luck today, Mark.

Es Eye: Damn bloody hell you, my name is Es Eye I! Soon to be King Es Eye I when my father one day passes!

Postage: Looks like your father will be passing any minute now you BLOODY fool. Postage > you.


Back inside the castle, Seb pulls out a pistol as more of his fellow Mafia, Killswitch and BrownieDude, arrive as well after taking out several bodyguards.

Seb: Well Johnathan Somethingfan, what do we have here? I don't necessarily have a grudge for you, this is just what was meant to be.

Seb holds the pistol to Chelseafan's forehead, but soon ...

???: That's enough, you've done your work!

The Mafia make their way to the sides as Ghetto Anthony, the Godfather, is standing there.

Ghetto Anthony: Good work gentlemen, but I won't be needing you anymore. Go, now, get rid of the crowds of people outside.

Ghetto Anthony's Mafia do as instructed, and hold guns to those outside.

Ghetto Anthony: Now that I have you alone, this should be a lot more comforting.

King Chelseafan: You, me, and no witnesses? I don't think so, Marcus.

Ghetto Anthony: (laughs) ... Seems like you've gotten smarter since the last time we met. You remember?

King Chelseafan: That was high school, I didn't mean any harm.

Ghetto Anthony: No, but you still caused some. I've forgiven ... but I haven't forgotten. Soon, me and my Mafia will take you out. Then, Seb can have his throne back, we can make the Mafia section into what we want to, and that will be that, but for now, I have some order of business to tend to.

Ghetto Anthony winks at King Chelseafan before turning around and exiting the castle. While standing atop the stairways leading to the castle, he pulls out a gun to many gasps. He aims it, and shoots it. A man falls to the ground and is bleeding terribly.

Originally Posted by Man's role
Congrats, you are David, the leader of the Outer World. You helped the Mafia Kingdom advance itself somewhat, but are also responsible for permanently removing Ghetto Anthony from the world completely.
That makes perfect sense that he shot David, to be fair.

Meanwhile, Kantos, the political leader of the Mafia Kingdom, was going into a heart attack at the happenings, and immediately held a town meeting.


The people of Mafia Kingdom do as they are told.

Kantos: Good, glad you're here. Now, what I woul-

Suddenly, an ugly chick comes running in. It's WWF, the Princess, heiress to Skittles' throne!

WWF: Mayor Kantoast! I have an update for you!

I think she's ugly, but most of the guys are staring at her melons, including Kantos, who is drooling.

Kantos: Uh, great ... go tell your father we're having a town meeting and the King's presence is requested. And if you're a good girl ...

WWF: STFU I'm not a fuckin' slut.

WWF runs away. Oh well.

Kantos: Now, as I was saying, what I would like to address is who here knows why Seb has returned, and why there's some kind of Mafia with them?

A little boy named Jigsaw smartly raises his hand.

Kantos: Yes, what's your name?

Jigsaw: My name is Robbie.

Susan Dealer: No it's not you twat, it's Jigsaw.

Jigsaw: STFU. Everyone has 2 names in Iceland.

Kantos: K kid, nobody gives a fuck about you and your god damn polar bears. Just what do you know?

Jigsaw: I have a gun!


Kantos: (sighs) Anybody else?

A dude named KIF raises his hand.

Kantos: Yes, may I help you?

KIF: I say we just lynch someone's ass and get 'dis shit over with.



???: Instead I'll just kill a group of you fuckers.

Everybody turns to see MetalX standing, machine gun in hand. All of a sudden, he goes nuts and starts shooting random people, killing many!

Wolf Tiger was dead, he was the Suicidal Townie, Townspeople Aligned.

TheSoulTaker was dead, he was I Need A Dictionary Aligned. This also meant AussieFan was dead because they were in a two-man group, and if 1 died, so did the other.

De-Square was dead, he was the Silencer, Mafia Aligned.

Don Corleone was dead, he was also Mafia Aligned.

Steven L, Wes_FR, and Dagax were dead, all Townspeople.

MetalX didn't care who he was shooting, just whoever was in sight.

Suddenly, the noise of DH. playing the trumpet could be heard. He was playing a heroic song, and the living people from the meeting looked up at the nearby building to see Wesson standing atop it. Holding onto a rope that was tied to a nearby tree branch, he swung into action, taking MetalX out with his feet. Luckily, X wasn't severely hurt, and was able to run away without being caught.

Wesson: Don't mess with the Titan, bitch.

Soon, all of the Townspeople rejoiced at the castle, where King Chelseafan I awarded Wesson with a medal for his actions.

But little did they know, Seb was watching them. And now that he had Ghetto Anthony and a hired Mafia on his side, who knew how long it would be before he was back on his throne.

Not that long at all.


Alive Players (11):
Susan Dealer
Stone Cold sXe
Steven L
Chris Supreme
Susan Dealer (Nov)
Stone Cold sXe (~AF)
Eveny Screwd

Deaths (12):
MetalX died Night 1. He was Thunderman, the Town Doctor, Townspeople Aligned. REVIVED!
CBR died Night 1. He was Killswitch, the Roleblocker, Mafia Aligned.
Rising died Night 1. He was BrownieDude, the Role Cop, Mafia Aligned.
Stone Cold sXe was Mod-Killed on Mid-Day 3. He was Fail, the Handyman, Townspeople Aligned.
Ultimoron was lynched on Day 3. He was
Seb, the Past King, Mafia Aligned.
Kantos died Night 3. He was Sticksy, the Cult Leader, Cult Aligned.
Postage died Night 3. He was Postage, the Poisoner, Mafia Aligned.
Susan Dealer was lynched on Day 4. He was MetalX, the Psychopath, Individually Aligned.
RetepAdam was lynched on Day 5. He was Ghetto Anthony, the Godfather, Mafia Aligned.
TheHitmanHart died Night 5. He was The Ace, the Cop, Townspeople Aligned.
RKO920 died Night 5. He was INVINCIBLE, Townspeople Aligned.
Eveny Screwd died Night 5. He was WWF, the Princess, Townspeople Aligned.
Lostfan died Night 5. He was Es Eye, the Prince, Townspeople Aligned.


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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

First......role plz. Nice death scene fag

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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

I'm pretty sure I never signed up and declined all of your requests to do so. :l

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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

Nah you did, i was there

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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

I like marked and stuff.
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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

"Seb" seemed too important in the write-up. I didn't like that very much.

Waiting on the role.

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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

great the game started

So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

Vote MetalX

I have to finish the job obv.
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Re: King's Court Mafia Gameplay Thread

No points for me not being included in the write up, add points for the way Robbie Jigsaw was killed and used.

Credit: Bro
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