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Batman Mafia Game Thread

With a crash, a body smashed through the doors of the Gotham City Police Department, another criminal on their way to Blackgate. It was:

Spoiler for Sample PM:

Congratulations, you are The Great White Shark, Villain aligned.

You are the Sample PM

You are Warren White, a victim of Arkham Asylum. Initially an embezzler, based on your defence you were sentenced to Arkham Asylum. Once there, you were subjected to the horrors of many inmates, including Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze, your experiences deforming you. Based on your appearance, you took the name the Great White Shark. You are the Sample PM for this game, being thrown into prison before the game begins. You win when all threats to the Villains have been eliminated.
This arrest is just another drop in the overflowing river of hate the villains of Gotham feel towards Batman, but this is the drop that broke the damn. The villains decide to band together, and take down Batman and his gang once and for all.

The Villain aligned players are town in this game *IMPORTANT*

No communicating outside the thread, unless in the provided QT's

No directly quoting PM's

Days will last roughly 24 hours, nights will last around 16

PM your role usage to me at night

LC Rop3 v.2 was Batman, 1-Shot BP and Investigation Immune Godfather, Hero Aligned
Demon Hunter was Alfred Pennyworth, 1-Shot Janitor, Hero Aligned
Ricky Jerret Rugrat v.2 was Batgirl, Role Blocker, Hero Aligned


Rop3 was The Penguin, Arms Dealer, Villain Aligned
Best for Business was Two Face, 50% Killer, Villain Aligned

Superior was Nightwing, Role Cop, Hero Aligned
CP was ???
Kenny was Scarecrow, 1-Shot Lie Detector, Villain Aligned
chr1st0 was Harley Quinn, Joker Obsessed, Harley Aligned
Magic was The Joker, Serial Killer, Joker Aligned
Rugrat was Black Mask, Vanilla Townie, Villain Aligned
Klee was Poison Ivy, Jailbreaker, Villain Aligned
JunkheadX was The Mad Hatter, 2-Shot Redirector, Villain Aligned
ACP was Mr. Freeze, Jailkeeper, Villain Aligned
Soul Cat was Bane, Double Voter, Villain Aligned
Flay was the Riddler, Cop, Villain Aligned
Fitz was Tweedledum, Mason, Villain Aligned
NotGuilty was Catwoman, Hated Townie, Villain Aligned
dashing_man was Tweedledee, Mason, Villain Aligned
Poyser was Professor Pyg, Vanilla Townie, Villain Aligned


Day One - No lynch
Night One - Rop3 and Best For Business were taken out
Day Two - No lynch
Night Two - Superior and CP were taken out
Day Three - Kenny was lynched
Night Three - chr1st0 was taken out
Day Four - Magic was lynched
Night Four - Rugrat was taken out
Day Five - Klee was lynched
Night Five - JunkheadX was taken out
Day Six - ACP was lynched
Night Six - Soul Cat was taken out
Day Seven - Flay was lynched
Night Seven - Fitz was killed, the game was over


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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

let the game begin

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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

Allow me to break the ice.

Do you know anything about witches?

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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

it [email protected]~!

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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

vote cp

he admitted it.

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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread


Glad to see we got 20 players too because it's a good theme.

ill be around tomorrow afternoon probably because im a 3rd shift guy and will be sleeping off this beer all morning.

Donít meddle.
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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

vote NotGuilty

Looks like he's already coming up with excuses to be scared coward scum.
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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

You can't mess with my feelings like this.
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Re: Batman Mafia Game Thread

vote magic

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