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Impact is now Lucha Underground?

Ok... so I stopped watching Impact/TNA for a few years. During that time I started watching (and loving) Lucha Underground. Came back to see Impact again, wondering what I'd see since most of who I remembered is now in WWE.

It was half the LU guys?! WTF? Its weird seeing them all in this other promotion, without the grit and production value and stories of LU. Kept expecting Melisa Santos to come out.

Kind of made hit hard to enjoy Impact for what it is. If just felt like a much worse version of LU without the focus that show has.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

I read somewhere she was going to be on impact in the very near future, Melisa Santos that is lol
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

Well it may end up filling a void for some people considering Lucha Underground is still in limbo regarding the next season.

Honestly though, I haven't watched the show for a couple of months. But I've heard the show lost focus for the most part outside of good wrestling.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

Same goes for mlw and even Cmll and AAA using the same guys. Its great for the talent that are being book. It does make it hard for new guys to get a break and standout. Even sucks for fans that want diversity.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

Lucha Underground has a lot of great talent. I wouldn't exactly call using them a bad thing. Especially because half of the roster used to just be overpaid WWE rejects. Cross-promotion is good for both companies as an LU fan, it's enticed me to watch Impact when I haven't watched it in several years.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

If you've seen some of the skits they've done lately with Moose/Eddie and Allie/Su Yung, a lot of the times it feels like you're watching a discount Lucha Underground along with all the LU talent they have.

They try to have their cake and eat it too by having a WWE/ROH "sports entertainment" show while also having a wacky show like "LU." And from what I've seen, it really doesn't work that well.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

So basically this reboot is like how the company started only instead of mixing WCW and ECW guys with young talent they are mixing LU guys with young talent.

For those that don't watch Impact, yet like to comment on it, here is a list of the young (in some cases just guys who have not been big in LU, ROH or WWE) talent:

OVE (Crist brothers)
LAX (Ortiz and Santana)
Ethan Page
Eli Drake
The Rascalz (Desmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel)
Fallah Bahh
Killer Kross (he was in Impact before LU)
Tessa Blanchard
Kierra Hogan
Su Yung
Jordynne Grace

I might be forgetting a couple but this covers the majority.
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Re: Impact is now Lucha Underground?

Impact Wrestling has been great as of late because of LU wrestlers, but I feel it has partly led to declining viewers since LU really caters to a small loyal fanbase that barely gets 100,000 viewers.

That and the fact it can get a bit devilish at times, which is partly a reason for a loss of viewers, and probably a reason LU can't get its feet off the ground.

But the partnership has led to a better product, I feel.

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