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Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

Don Callis was on the Killing The Town podcast with Paul Lazenby and talked about the controversy surrounding the Scarlett Bordeaux character. You can listen to the podcast here.

See now, I did not see that because I was following her name on Twitter during the show and it was like 90% positive. The worst thing I saw, someone wrote an article and said, 'Well, they've gotta be very careful about how they do this'. The good thing was the person was smart enough to understand that what Scarlett is doing is she's basically saying, 'Hey, I am not going to be told how to dress and how to look and that I shouldn't look how God made me and I'm not gonna cover up because some man or whatever thinks it's politically correct for me to cover up. If I wanna dress like this, I'm gonna dress like this. This is me.' And I thought that was an empowering message from her. But some people, you know, they look for things to be offended about and whatever. I'm unclear as to what anything she said was offensive. Also, let's all understand this is a wrestling show! Did you get mad at the lead heel in the last movie you saw and wanna go and send the actor letters because he didn't like his character? Everyone's playing a role here so let's just be clear.

But I thought it was interesting what she did and I think that people will be pleasantly surprised as we move forward. She's actually a very good wrestler and I think it got people talking in a good way and yeah, I think people are going, 'Oh, what are they gonna do?' and I don't know what they think is gonna happen here but you never know! You're gonna have to tune in to IMPACT on Pop TV in the USA every Thursday night at 8'o clock or on Game TV and the fabulous Fight Network in Canada to check it out. It is must-see programming especially the most recent tapings from Toronto in the Rebel Entertainment Complex. What a great venue. I think our male demographic will go up with Scarlett. I'm not sure.
Don Callis also spoke on whether the Scarlett Bordeaux character was a jab at the WWE's recent Women's Revolution.

You know this is true and I don't mean this as a knock because I don't watch anything. It's funny, I used to laugh when I would hear Eric Bischoff talk about back in the WCW days that he didn't watch ECW, like, 'I never watch that'. I was like, 'Oh BS he didn't watch it'. No, I now believe that Eric Bischoff did not watch ECW or much of anything else because he wouldn't have any goddamn time to do it, and I totally understand that. So I legitimately haven't watched WWE in many, many, many years and it's not because I don't want to or because it's not great, I mean I'm a subscriber to the Network and all that but you know, you just don't have time. I don't watch other promotions either.

So yeah, I don't know what they're doing on that. This was an independent kind of a thing with Scarlett and I think she's gonna be a star and she's gonna do a great job with it. And I think if you've learnt nothing else from watching IMPACT the last 6 or 7 months, I think you should know that if you think you know what's gonna happen, you probably don't, and that's probably how entertainment should be.

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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

OOT but.. Alicia Atout is so goddamn beautiful
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

how could someone post online by saying they better be careful how they do this. If a women wants to act however she wants thats her right.This is whats wrong with people, Someone online thinks they could do this wrong. How could they do it right.If a girl wants to act sexual and make fun of this sad state of society in 2018 crying about how women should act, She dam well can and i think its insanely smart to do so. Because people need to shut the hell up and stop being so sensitive, Women and men can pertray themselves anyway they want.

i was also going to mention the movie thing but Don covered it haha. Theres a reason why people like violent disurbing movies and bad things.

"If you want it bad enough you'll find a way, if you don't want it bad enough you'll find an excuse."

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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

See this is why WWE is in the state its in.

Everything has to be bland and digestible for everyone. If you don't do that, people get offended and then you have to deal with the shit storm that goes along with it.

None of these people that are speaking out against this and other things like it never stop to think that "Oh hey, Wrestling is scripted and these are characters and its a work of fiction and in any good story you need heroes and villains, and for the villains to be villains, they have to do things that bother you". Jesus Christ people!

I said the exact same thing when Jinder Mahal said racist things about Nakamura. Oh no! Did the bad guy say really mean things and act like a prick? GOOD! Gee, its almost like it kinda makes me want to cheer the good guy to take his head off.

Fortunately, Impact isn't a publicly traded company and isn't under the microscope the WWE is under, so they don't have to cave to this, but good God people.

As for whether or not Scarlet is a reaction to the WWE Women's Revolution, I'd say there is something there. Maybe not about the WWE specifically (keep in mind, they were NOT the first ones to start pushing the Women as serious athletes), but more about the whole idea of the current state of women's wrestling. Scarlet is a throwback to the diva days of getting a push because of your looks, and that clashes with the stars of today, and there is some conflict there that is worth playing with. She might be the type of character that Eva Marie could have been if EM was worth a lick in the ring.


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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

I've got Scarlett's back or anywhere else she needs me.
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

I don't really see how she's any different from a Mandy Rose, Carmella or an Alexa Bliss.
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

Cause Alexa and Mandy are just hot. They dont market themselvs as hot chicks, it's not their gimmick. They are simply good looking.
I mean we can arge about Mandy, but wwe booking is so directionless that it doesn't make sense. Even if WWE wanted Emmalina or Eva Marie and now Mandy to be what Impact are doing with Scarlett, it doesn't matter as Impact achieved more in one segment and 3 vignettes than wwe simply cause wwe dont do anything. Impact actally has traditional storylines and characters while wwe is all over the reality era bullshit.

WWE characters cant be compared to Impact characters as wwe barely have any characters. They are simply athletes with flashy personality traits. Impact are guilty of that too, but they still are way better at character building.

Talking about Scarlett, I think it's a great idea. And I think the less she wrestles the better (not cause she's meh in the ring but for the sake of the gimmick).

We live in SJW society when nothing can be edgy or offensive and Scarllet is a loophole. I mean if SJW complains about her character, you can just respond that he's hotshaming. And that's genious. 1) if you treat her like a movie character, it's stupid to complain on the first place 2) if you treat her as a real person, than you cant tell her what to do as she's a strong independent woman who wont let you to hotshame her. THIS IS SMART booking.

It's okay if you dont like her or the character, but it's still a good one. As a wrestling fan who watches and follows less and less wrestling I'm happy there is Impact doing what they're doing.

WWE is just boring, and I'm not NJPW wrestling type a guy. I mean I can appreciate a good match like Okada vs. Omega, but I'm not watching 5 hours show that is only in ring wrestling. And LU kinda lost their bliss. But Impact has it all for now. I dont know if Anthem will continue funding them or if Callis is here to stay (I mean look at how JJ thing ended), but I enjoy what they do now and I hope it continues.

Scarlett, Su Yung, oVe, LAX, Rosemary are actual characters and wrestling despereatelly needs those.
Marking for: John Morrison, The Miz, Rosemary, Io Shirai, Grado, Eva Marie, John Cena, Tessa Blanchard, Angelico, Zema Ion, Lashley, Mandy Rose, oVe, Pentagon, Alexa Bliss, Asuka.
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

if people moan and it gets picked up by the media as "sexist" then more people will see a fit woman and tune is win win for them
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

This gold. This is wrestling.

Also the announcer was like: “Jesus Christ, I’m gonna need that microphone.”
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re: Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character

Originally Posted by ErickRowan_Fan View Post
I don't really see how she's any different from a Mandy Rose, Carmella or an Alexa Bliss.
Only difference really is that they went openly with that idea. WWE, at least from what I have seen, tends not to do such promos with them. As a result it is easier for morality police to play stupid and pretend that this is not what is going on with your mentioned girls.
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