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Who would you support?

I was thinking earlier, if we still believed Pro Wrestling was real or we didn't know anything about kayfabe, what wrestler would you be marking for?

If you think about it, if it was all real, would we all hate the heels and love the faces?

I'd probably still mark for Orton and probably Taker, and I would maybe dislike Jericho and Miz.

And plus, if we all believed in kayfabe, would we still believe in a character like Taker in today's modern world?

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Re: Who would you support?

I'd think half of them are nutters, expecially Taker.

I'd be crazy impressed with Rey Mysterio considering his success at his size, and I'd place my bets on people like Batista and The Big Show every match.
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Re: Who would you support?

Well since i was a Mark, i would have to tell you, i would cheer most of the Faces and boo most Heels. There are only a few People i knew that i liked even thoguht they were Heel. I always respected Triple H, he really was the Man, also i was terrified of Mark Henry, i probably still dislike Bourne he looks like a total nerd. And there was only 1 Heel i would support, Eddie Guerrero, when he turned against Rey, i even defended him. I mean i didn't like what he did but i thougt, well if Eddie is going this way, it's ok i will go with his decision, i mean as a kid it broke my heart to pieces but i dont even know why, i always felt this connection to Eddie, he seemed like my kind of Guy. And i think that was more worth to me than anything else.

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Re: Who would you support?

I'd be marking for Orton right now seeing as he's destroying anyone in his path.
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