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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I watch RAW & NXT every week, but I am two weeks behind on Smackdown
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I do not watch weekly shows anymore (I might tune in for a few minutes every once in a while), but I definitely watch all the PPVs. Despite some poor matches, horrid booking, and questionable uses of time and wrestlers, I am always very entertained by PPVs. I have many favorite wrestlers, so I watch to view them wrestle and hopefully win. If I could watch Raw or Smackdown every week, I would. The WWE has been an important part of my life for the past six years and even if I take a sabbatical from it or avoid it for a while, it is still something that I immensely enjoy.
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

Habit, more or less. Though on some weeks, I skip SmackDown!. Why I haven't decided to permanently skip it until they get their act together, I don't know, but I'm starting to consider it. They won't do anything with Punk and Christian, the only 2 people on SmackDown! I care about, and the main event consists of Kane, Rey Mysterio and Swagger, my 3 most hated wrestlers on the entire brand. What a wonderful way to keep my interest. >_>

I have no problem watching Raw these days, which has actually improved drastically. The Miz is getting a great push, and I want to see what happens with Barrett and the Nexus angle. Of course, Jericho is there as well, so it's a given that I have to watch. The sole reason I watch NXT is to find out who the next world champion is, though I imagine I'd stop if there wasn't at least 1 person on the show I liked, and there has been 1 both seasons.

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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

Theres just so much to why we all started watching there's not enough space to explain but I'll give short and simple...

I watch RAW weekly or Smackdown depending on where The Rated R Superstar Edge is.
The past couple years he's made WWE for me. When he was injured/out I sometimes just wouldnt watch

For RAW its also Jericho, Randy Orton, Maryse and the sheer amount of long-term potential in the RAW roster keeps me there
Smackdown has been painful lately but CM Punk is my 2nd favorite dude and the SES along with his promos are diamonds.
Love McIntyre as well. I hate that is seems Christian and Matt Hardy are being completely wasted by default

One last thing about 'growing out of it'...
I think this started as the 'cool' thing to do because the assumption as kids/early teens was that everything was "real".
Where people got caught up is being let down when they found out how kayfabe it really was. I believe that the true intention of the WWE is/was for you to understand that it was scripted and all as you grew old enough to understand and THEN continue to enjoy it as entertainment at a different level.

The WWE is one form of this ultimate entertainment that blurrs the line between being a realist and a fan. So much that if even you KNOW whats going to or should happen, you can understandably mark for your favorite performer harder than any 10 yr old member of the CeNation and NOT feel bad/guilty or whatever. Thats why I love it.

Thank You Edge
2 :fandango
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I watch Raw mainly to see what the Nexus are up to but also for Jericho, Orton, and Bourne and also the hopes that Cena will land awkwardly and be put out of action for a significant length of time. I watch NXT for Kaval but Husky Harris is decent too. Smackdown I mostly ignore cos I just dont need to watch that much wrestling.
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I'm actually not sure why I watch it every week anymore. They pretty much raped smackdown at the draft, it was my favourite show before the changes so I just watch Christians matches (usually one of the 1st matches on) and lately his matches have by far and away been the most entertaining ones to watch in the last few weeks.

As for Raw, the guest host crap was awful, I can't stand listening to Cena on the mic and they have far to many pointless matches (mainly involving Khali or Santino) I'm pretty much just watching Raw for Nexus and I pray this bigger picture stuff goes somewhere.

Patiently waiting for Christian to become WHC
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I watch raw for Nexus, Y2J, Edge, Orton, and Sheamus. I fast forward thru the rest, including Cena stuff that doesn't involve him getting beat down, Ted, and the divas.

I watch Smackdown mostly in fast forward. I'll watch Drew, Christian, and a little Swagger. I fast forward thru Kane (pretty boring to me), Rey, SES and anything diva related.

Like someone said earlier, once football starts up, my wrestling watching will decrease a lot.
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

It's just a weekly thing for me. I been doing it for ten years why stop now lol

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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

Smackdown, if WWE was just raw I wouldn't be watching. Well I don't watch raw anyway so......
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Re: What makes you watch WWE every week?

I watch out of habit.

I'm gonna treat that title like I treat my cars and my women. When I get bored, I upgrade!

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