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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Division pretty much was dead at that point. they were champs for so long because there were no other established teams.

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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Originally Posted by 5*RVD View Post
I always thought that Kendrick & London could have done much more. Both are very talented and could have been a new version of the Hardys.
I have to agree.
Sure they had nearly year reign but towards the end they were being feed to HHH on occasion and then moved to raw where they were forced to sit under Rhodes and Holly.

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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

London & Kendrick - They were a great high flying team and everyone loved them.

Rosey & The Hurricane - I marked for them. No lie.

Kid Kash & Jamie Noble - Could have made one hell of a trailer trash team. Wish WWE kept both of them.

John Morrison & The Miz - Do not deny it. They were an outstanding tag team.

The Colons - Just seemed right.

The Heart Throbs - BAHAHA ok just kidding.
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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Cryme Tyme. They got released as they were really hitting their stride and got really over. By the time they were back they were yesterday's news.
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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Cryme Tyme.

I'm surprised no one has said that but what about JeriMiz?
They were pushed for one PPV and then just silently broke up. I think those two could've helped re-vitalize the tag division.

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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Mean Street Posse

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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Oh where do I begin:

The Killer Bees = These two had all the ability of teams like The Harts, Strike Force, & The Bulldogs, but they never got treated like it.

The Rockers = Only reason they are on here is because they never won the tag titles.

Power & Glory = Great mixed up team with Herc as the power man and Roma as the more athletic guy. Their finisher The Powerplex (Super Plex from Herc + Top Rope Splash from Roma) was very cool too. But WWE never really pushed them, which apparently had something to do with Roma's attitude.

The Smackdown Six = Rey/Edge, Angle/Benoit, & The Guerreros were lighting up the SD scene for a couple months in 2002. While the matches were great, it was clear there was no long term plan for the teams as they pretty much used it as a way to shape singles feuds on SD's main event level just a few months later (namely Angle vs. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named). I guess its understandable, but part of me wishes they kept this going a bit longer.

World's Greatest Tag Team = They split them up to push Shelton which was a mistake. Neither Haas nor Shelton was ready for a singles pus, but as a team they were gold. I should have been seeing MNM vs. WGTT matches. Speaking of which...

MNM = They only lasted a year and a few matches with The Hardys after that. They had almost nobody to work with which is a damn shame because they had everything.

Cade & Murdoch = This wonderfully old school team impressed me for their multiple runs, but again, despite a few tag title reigns, they never really got pushed hard as an important part of the show. They even broke them up once without telling anyone about it, which only made their rushed reunion even more silly.

Priceless = DiBiase & Rhodes are impressive young guys. Too bad they were largely relegated to mostly losing handicap matches & getting trounced by DX. When Evolution was over, Orton & Batista were ready to move to the next level. When Legacy was over, DiBiase & Rhodes had nowhere to go & were still low level.


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Re: Tag teams that never reached their potential

Booker T and Goldust.

Head Cheese.

Val Venis and The Godfather.

Regal and Burchill.
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