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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

I can't think of an underrated Heel Turn, but Stone Cold Steve Austin's Heel Turn was DEFINITELY overrated, IMO.

In the beginning, it was really good. Austin was the Rattlesnake who had sold his soul to the devil. Bringing in Triple H to form the Power Trip I think helped solidify him as a heel, because Austin still got cheered at Wrestlemania 17. They beat the shit out of everybody. They were mean, sick sons of bitches.

That lasted about 2 months. After Triple H got injured, and Kurt Angle was brought in. Austin turned from a beer-swilling, finger-flipping, ass-kicker, into a whiny, needy, neurotic little bitch! He was like a little kid constantly seeking attention from Daddy.

Once the Invasion Angle started, Austin became the Rattlesnake again for a short time.

Unfortunately, he turned heel AGAIN by joining the Alliance, and it didn't make a lick of sense! Why the hell would the face of the WWF, the guy who made promo after promo stating how much he hates WCW join with them? It made no fucking sense.

Alliance Austin is also to blame for the "What" chant that has infected Pro Wrestling Audiences. It was funny at 1st, but it's almost 10 years later. Let it go.
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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

Underrated: Steph's Heel turn and alliance with HHH--she went from the frail little victim of the Undertaker and Vince to getting some of the biggest heat I've ever seen in WWE, and her status as a lead female heel is legendary, IMO.

Also wanna throw Andre the Giant's turn on Hogan leading up to WM3 as one that's maybe not so much underrated, but forgotten or left out of the conversation in monumental heel turns sometimes.

Overrated: Bret Hart vs. Austin... big deal... really. Not. The face recognition Austin got was far bigger than Bret's heel persona, IMO.

Austin aligns with Vince. Bullshit. Stupid. Lame. Nonsensical. Killed everything Austin stood for for almost a decade. Hated that one.

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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

Im gonna bump this for further responses hopefully

That Triple H 'face turn' when he was up against Angle totally slipped my mind, probably cus I was always cheerin for HHH back then anyway
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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

Owen Hart's heal turn on Bret in late '93 and early '94 was brilliant. I'd only been watching wrestling for a few months and it had a massive influence on me, it made me really hate Owen and really empathise with Bret.

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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

For me the most underrated heel turn has to be Shawn Michaels heel turn in 2005 against Hulk Hogan as no one saw it coming and it led to us having the old Shawn Michaels back even though it was only for a short while, Shawn Michaels promo on Montreal was an absolute masterclass in mic work and showed that he really was a truly grea mic worker and also the prmo segment with Larry King mocking Hulk Hogan was great as well.

Overrated would be Stone Cold Steve Austin's in 2001 at WrestleMania 17 against The Rock which for me was the beginning of the end for Stone Cold Steve Austin as a major on screen character because it completely went against the way he was booked for three and a half years previously, they turned him into a joke character when he should have been booked exactly the same as he was in 1996-1997 as a heel which would have been imense and the feud between himself and The Rock would have been even bigger.
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