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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

hell yeah

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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

I aint a prepubescent teenager anymore. That stuff was cringe even back then. If I wanted to look at half naked or fully naked women I'd go to Pornhub or better yet, bang my girlfriend... If you are like under the age of 15 then I am sure its about as exciting as discovering your own penis, but to me its dated, degrading and just pointless.

I like to think we're above that now, but according to this forum post, obviously some of you need to get laid.
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For that to happen, WWE would need to revert back to catering to the teens/young adults demo, and that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Wrestling fans seem to forget that the product is vastly different to 1999.

Blows my mind that people gloss over the fact that the product is marketed strongly towards children in 2019.

It's even more child friendly than Disney and Seseme Street. First thing that smacks you in the face when you switch on Raw is, ok, this is for pre-teens.

Every complaint, whether it be lack of storylines, lack of characters is because of the target audience, which in 2019, brings in the most money.
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

I made this exact same topic earlier this year I got called a jerk by mods and it got shut down; now we are 9 pages deep. So sup?

And hell yeah.....Book end your storylines with two sexy diva matches and watch the new viewers roll in.
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"When you look at me, know that every stitch of clothing I have on, the Jag parked outside, every meal I have ever put on my sons dinner table has been paid for by professional wrestling." - Aldis
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

Depends on who's in it. If it's The Fiend and Aleister Black I can dig it

Taking run-in lessons from Titus O'Neil
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

Would I watch it? Of course I would. Do I think it makes any sense to do in this type of era or support the idea of it? Absolutely not, not after years of this 'give women a chance' and 'women's evolution' thing that's been going on for years now, that would just be taking a massive step backwards and undoing basically everything that this whole evolution stands for.

But to imagine in the back of my mind a bra and panties match happening between Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose, mah lawd.
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

Originally Posted by ObsoleteMule View Post
As expected you just came with more shit that made you sound like a dweeb. Comparing female wrestlers to cheerleaders doesnt make sense. Women in the WWE are more like actual players on a sports team than cheerleaders. Hot blooded male? What the fuck does that even mean... i just dont see the point of sexualizing wrestlers for no reason. I watch wrestling for wrestling, not nip slips.

And what the hell is up with you and soy?
It's "red blooded male", but I guess "hot and males" is a search term you use quite often judging by your disdain for sexy women.
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You know, there could definitely be a place for something like that. An angle where a heel strips the babyface could be a huge thing. Then the babyface can get them back by challenging them to that sort of thing.

It should be done sparingly and be treated seriously, but Alexa Bliss being stripped by Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville and then her and Nikki challenging the heels to a Bra & Panties tag could be...pretty big.

The trick is to make it clear without beating people over the head with it that the women aren’t sex objects, but rather this is an attempt to actually humiliate them and get them back.
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

Having a random bra and panties match won't drastically improve the underlying issues of creative and booking. They were probably headed in a bra and panties gimmick matches with Eva Marie, but we all know how that situation turned out. Now they have signed Scarlett from Impact who had one of the best storylines and gimmicks, and there's a few good reasons why they signed her including her improved skills. Summer Rae came from lingerie football and she had decent talent. Part of the point is I think most of us also respect the talent a woman has as well.
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Re: Bra & Panties match in 2020?

Originally Posted by Bestiswaswillbe View Post
calling someone a boomer who was born in the 80s. Great insult man, I'm gutted.

.. You don't get it? "Ok Boomer" is a meme that became very popular over the past week or so.
"Ok Boomer" is basically this

It's gotten very popular..

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