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Report: Morale low in the WWE

The recent ratings drops for Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown are obvious signs that changes are needed on WWE television. The new sets, announcers and pyro are things they can point at to show investors that there are changes happening but the biggest issue, the overall scripted nature of the show with unsophisticated storylines, is still prevalent.

Eric Bischoff was fired this week but the reality is that the problems plaguing the company will remain until real change happens at the top with Vince McMahon being less hands on with the product.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted how the morale in the company has taken a hit.

Alvarez said, “I was told today, there may be more [releases] coming, who knows? Morale has not been good for a long time but apparently the morale has taken an even bigger hit since October 1st.”

He continued, “If you recall, the belief within WWE … their idea was ‘oh my god, we’re going to FOX and a new boom period is going to kick off.”

Alvarez pointed out how SmackDown lost around a million viewers from the debut show to the second show. He also pointed out how the draft was a disaster and things seemed to be thrown together even though people in WWE claimed that the whole draft was figured out in advance.

Alvarez also noted that he received texts from people in WWE who said they couldn’t bring themselves to watching Monday Night Raw.

In addition to all of this, there is still a negative buzz around WWE for the horrible finish to the Hell in a Cell main event.
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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

I'm Shocked!!

Ok. no, I'm not.. sounds about right..
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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

Alvarez is not a trustable source. But I believe him getting "texts" from the janitor of local house show. Him sh4tting on every WWE show is business as usual btw.
Ofc people there are not happy about, that the ratings are meh and the last PPV ended with much booing. We don`t need Alvarez or Dave, to tell us the obvious.
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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

Call me when any of these 'yes man'/ just happy to be there person that works for WWE (including wrestlers) gets tired, thinks this is more important than their salary or career, then decides to stand up in front of Vince McMahon and tells him to fuck off. Not like anything good would happen to the person who does that or that anything would change, but it would be a start.

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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

I know we like to joke around and exaggerate sometimes, but WWE really are screwed this time.

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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

Morale could well be low but they can comfort themselves with that sweet money they're making. People not being able to bring themselves to watch RAW is perfectly understandable but I bet Vince still thinks his programs are good shit.

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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

We always hear these type of reports, then you see a load of talent sign new contracts and stuff and you actually wonder if it's a true report. No excuse for talent anymore, if you ain't happy Mox showed that you can get out there and have a great career outside WWE. You got NJPW, AEW, Impact, ROH and a lot of indies paying good money. If you ain't happy get out, and don't be like Mike Bennett and sign a contract and be all cocky about it, then moan about wanting out cause you gotten shit booking.

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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

Given the amount of people reported that want to leave the company (Revival, Sasha, Harper, Mike Kanellis), or people publically admitting/implying that they are not happy (Dana, Peyton, Breeze, a bunch of cruserweights) you don't need to be an insider or a reporter to notice that a lot of the roster is not happy with the current state of WWE
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Also supporting

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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

Releases? Bullshit on that.

So, I doubt the whole story.
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Re: Report: Morale low in the WWE

2 months ago:

"With AEW's arrival, WWE is signing stars to long term contracts to make sure they dont jump ship"


"Morale is low, look for releases"

Summary: Dirt sheet bullshit is dirt sheet bullshit.
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