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With a portion of the FOX crowd tuning into the product cold, I’ve enjoyed watching and thinking about how a completely new adult viewer would perceive the product.

In wrestling, most of us were drawn in as children when the magic was pure bewilderment and awe. Children love magic tricks.

When we get older, adults love magic tricks too, but for a different reason.

Adults are more interested in the magician’s secrets. Figuring out how the trick is done... and maybe a small part of us is still reacting in awe and bewilderment, when it’s briefly great enough to suck us in.

I’ve notice most wrestling podcasts are analysing the product with the assumption of new viewers wanting to see the most realistic and believable “magic trick” possible.

But to those who are completely new to the product... shouldn’t we be emphasising the more interesting perspective of enticing new viewers to think about the adult version of the product? How the magician is succeeding at eliciting a desired reaction from the crowd?

Chiefly: “So how exactly are they pulling this off?”

I notice most podcasts enjoy talking about “the magician’s secret” from a macro, big picture booking perspective (“was it a good business move to choose Baron Corbin to win KOTR?”). There’s a big place for this.

Whenever I am forced to explain why I’m watching wrestling to a new adult viewer, because they catch me in the act, I notice that they’re thinking about the micro, small details related to how the performer is trying to make it look real. Us long-term fans don’t find this interesting anymore because it’s obvious to us by now. Here’s some examples:

- Does that ring post really hurt? Why is it LED, I guess it has more give. That’s how they do it.

- When jumping off the top rope, it looks like the receiving performer is waiting for it. That’s how they do it.

- That guy stopped talking mid-promo when the crowd was chanting, then the chants got louder. That’s deliberate to get the crowd up.

The FOX crowd could have an influence on how the wrestling community talks about the product afterwards, and I hope it does.

The wrestling magic trick is simple and enjoyable for children.

The wrestling magic trick for adults is as complex as a politician’s secrets. And that’s the appeal.

I love listening to post-show reviews, but I have to admit, sometimes it feels like everyone is missing the point when they desire for the show to succeed as a realistic magic trick for adults.

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