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Re: Best whiny heel world champions?

OP you should add a poll, its a good question. Angle for me was the best
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Re: Best whiny heel world champions?

Seth's current Universal title run?
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Re: Best whiny heel world champions?

Originally Posted by IronMan8 View Post
Seth Rollins.

While Roman drew my interest back to the product, Rollins’ heel run as champ is the reason I came back to watching Raw weekly for the first time in 10 years.

I guess those long heel promos felt fresh to me at the time. I remember liking him as that character, especially with J&J security.

Predicting how he’d weasel his way out of trouble was fresh for me at the time, but I can see why others would see it as insanely predictable if you were already watching regularly.
Same as you man. Except I came back after 5 years not ten lol.

But yeah, Roman was the guy who got me back, and Rollins at the time was a good heel. I was bitching a lot about the product at the time, but in retrospect it's good compared to what came in the years after lol.
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Re: Best whiny heel world champions?

Edge for world champion, but best whiny wrestler is early TNA Raven. Blaming biased referees, scared promoters, and complicate conspiracies lol
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Re: Best whiny heel world champions?

Christian, dude defined the role and played it like no other wrestler. Wish WWE would let him have a go at the World Title with it back in the 2005ish years, that would have been awesome, considering just how fun he was with the IC title a couple of years earlier.

All time favourites-Triple H(Bow down to the King),Y2J,Christian,SCSA,HBK,Benoit,CM Punk

Current Favourites-Becky Lynch,AJ Styles,Dolph Ziggler,Alexa Bliss,Miz,Kevin Owens,Seth Rollins,Daniel Bryan

I miss Ruthless Aggresion

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When I hear ‘whiny heel’ I think of Bret Hart in 1997 and CM Punk in 2012. I found CM Punk more irritating, so I suppose he was technically better at pissing me off. Preferred Bret, though.
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