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WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Was wondering what your thoughts were on the WhatCulture Wrestling guys?

Really enjoying Simon Miller doing the ups and downs weekly but can’t stand Andy Murrays videos - he’s permanently offended by everything and anything that happened 10+ years ago and loves telling us all how bad we were back then for enjoying it. Say that with a heavy heart as I’m a Scotsman myself.

Great content overall on the videos and articles.

Over to you..
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kobe Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

It fell off an absolute cliff the moment Adam Blampied, King Ross and company left, replaced by a bunch of interchangeable skinny British dudes with no personality. The only one worth a damn is Miller.

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Simon is charming and funny.

The rest? Ugh.


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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Never given it a fair chance, but it just looks like it wouldn't be my cup of tea.

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Simon Miller is the only one worth a damn on that channel. and even he has his own channel.

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

I hate, hate, HATE how almost every video from them is clickbait. I get it, they need the views. But could they be a bit less desperate about it?

I miss Blampy. Say what you will about him, but he was by far their best and most popular guy. Now the only one worth a damn is Simon. The rest is trash.

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Anybody have a list of good wrestling youtubes?

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Haven't watched them in ages. Once Adam Blampied got cancelled and Cultaholic formed, there's no reason to watch it. Even then, the only people I watch on Cultaholic are Ross and Pacitti, I couldn't care less about the others.


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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

I'm probably digging my own grave by saying this around these parts because I know a lot of WF members are from the UK, but I can't stand their accents. Sorry, but just being honest!

A ton of their videos are also pure click-bait. Yeah, we get it, you need video views to advertise shit, blah blah blah. Just reeks of desperation more often than not.

They also have a terrible habit of nonchalantly mentioning rumors and hearsay as if they're absolute fact.

I guess it goes without saying that they're not "my cup of tea" as you Brits would say.

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Re: WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?

Originally Posted by InexorableJourney View Post
Anybody have a list of good wrestling youtubes?
The only one I watch anymore is Cultaholic. But they are entertaining about it.
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What say you?

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