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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Depends on the individual, i've been watching wrestling since birth due to my parents being big fans, after decades of watching I feel like I have seen it all, nothing excites me in WWE, AEW already has early signs of being TNA 2.0, I just check PPV results now because I'm curious who the champions are.
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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

It's not dead, to even think that is completely idiotic to me.

You simply don't like it anymore, so just accept that instead of using overused shitty terms to generalize.

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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Originally Posted by StoneAmbrose- View Post
AEW roster is trash and worst than WWE. only jericho and dean ambrose are marketable and thats because they were in WWE and Jericho is WWE legend.

And their marketability would be used to give the other AEW performers credibility.

AKA how wrestling has always functioned.

Originally Posted by StoneAmbrose- View Post
other than, its roster full of jobbers. wrestling need larger than life characters to draw.

It takes time to become that. You think The Rock was instantly that when he started in Memphis? Hell no. It took him years to be developed into that.

That being said, what is a "larger than life" character?

Originally Posted by StoneAmbrose- View Post
WCW produce wrestlers like Goldberg and Sting and they even outdraw WWF at that time.

First of all, Goldberg came in when the business was red hot. He's not comparable to anyone today because the circumstances couldn't be anymore different. The objective with him was to retain. The objective today is to restore. The latter is not attainable with just one guy and certainly doesn't involve the same execution as the former.

As far as Sting goes, he, as an individual, never outdrew anything. There was never a point in his career where business was strong with him on top and didn't involve Ric Flair or the nWo, both of which could (and did) draw without him. The Crow don't erase those horrible houses he drew in the early 90s when Flair was no longer a crutch and Hogan had yet to arrive to save the day.

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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

I'm seeing Smackdown ads while watching football on Fox, and I'm seeing AEW ads while watching TNT. But sure, wrestling's dead lol.
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Originally Posted by Masked Legend View Post
AEW's roster isn't that bad, i'd argue they have the best tag team division in the world right now (Young Bucks, SCU, Lucha brothers, LAX). They also have other guys like Kenny, Moxley, Cody, Hangman Page and Penta who is a solid singles competitor, all of them can be main event stars no problem. As for the rest of the roster most of them are indy talent and people are slowly getting to know them for the lack of a weekly TV show, but that problem will be solved once the TV show begins. They're lacking on the "big guy" department tho, where are the batistas, the goldbergs, the lesnars etc? they need some solid powerhouses, the closest they have is luchasaurus.
Those people largely don’t exist anymore within wrestling as a whole. I start to wonder if people with the size of a Randy Orton (which used to be more common) are being filtered out before they get through training camps.

Because the average size of the men have decreased it creates an artificial ceiling on the number of 6’4” guys you can have. There can only be one Braun Strowman, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, or Andre on th roster. And that’s what a Golden Era sized wrestler would be in today’s era where the average wrestler is about 5’9”. To have more than one or two creates serious credibility problems. How realistic would it be for a someone like Goldberg or even Snitsky to be in competitive matches and go 50/50 with Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Adam Cole? It creates the same believability problem that my wife cited last night when I watched RAW briefly - she thought that Baylee did not look believable against Charlotte due to the size difference.
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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Idk about wrestling being "dead" necessarily, as AEW does bring excitement and passion back to the 'sport' for many fans. But I can't deny it though, interest in wrestling for me personally is at an all-time low. I comically DVR Raw and Smackdown each week, but yet never watch them. I'll watch Bray Wyatt skits on YouTube because that's about all that's good on the show these days, but once he loses to Seth at the next PPV he's finished.
I'll usually skim through the results, where typically as I'm reading I'll read out loud "trash.... Trash... More trash.... Oh Bray Wyatt, that's cool..... Trash.... Trash.... Alexa Bliss..... andddd trash. Sounds like I didn't miss much".

I'm exhausted from wrestling these days. I'm just sick of talent constantly being misused, none of my favorites actually get pushed or hell get a chance at all to be on the show, the wrong people winning matches, lack of storylines, and the show in general clearly being a clusterfuck.
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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Well I think the bandwagon effect is dead. The enormous draw has declined.

Wrestling is still alive if you're willing to find diamonds in the rough.

Most frustrated fans aren't willing to do that, for whatever reason.

It's like trying to find the music you like. I hate generally everything on the radio and have for years, but if I look around the net enough, or go to some clubs, I might find something I've both never heard before AND like. It takes effort though. Effort seems to be a scary word to people.

I would have abandoned wrestling long ago if I just watched WWE. It took me looking everywhere and giving it my valuable time to waste to find some wrestling I still like, and maybe they don't have the big advertising and constant word of mouth, but frankly, I don't care much anymore about that.

Then there's if you've grown out of it. If you're still trying to delve into something you don't enjoy, that's an unhealthy vice. I dropped TV and Hollywood for instance. Movies and shows of this decade made my stomach crawl. Sat my TV on the corner for the scrap man and never looked back. Saved money by not going to theaters. Replaced the void with another hobby. I only grab streams for wrestling now.

Remember as well, it may be dead to you, but it's very much thriving for the teenager who's watching it now and doesn't know any better nor care. And there's still a lot of them. He may have just got into it, or is one of those who generally enjoys what's thrown at him. He pays the tickets and buys the merch. He's ultimately not going to care how you remembered wrestling. He's not going to care if it was more popular "back then" or better "back then". This is the fan of NOW. As long as that fan exists, WWE exists, and AEW exists, and all the others.

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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Okay and....?

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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

If AEW happens to flop then maybe there's a good argument right there but I'd give it a chance at least a year or so. If there's anything, I feel exhausted with wrestling programming in general, there's just way too many to consume in a week for me.

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Clearly dead when things like this is happening sure

Modern fans are so pampered. I grew up watching world of sport and wrestling being the hottest thing on UK tv in early 80s and by 87 gone completely never to return. Now you have WWE selling out MetLife, drawing 40,000+ for Rumble in Phoenix, AEW drawing 13,000 for their opening night, ROH selling out MSG and raw/SD averaging more viewers on average than NBA, mlb, UFC, NHL and wrestling is considered dead..
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