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Matches we want to see

I think wwe should give the fans what they want to see. My biggest example is undertaker vs sting. Why not have this match while they can. They are both so old but at this moment can wrestle everyone wants to see it and it would be a big draw. I know some people will complain that they dont want to see it but you cant tell me that you would not watch it. Also just random stuff like brock vs strowman. Maybe seth vs reigns feud. I just dont see why not do it now before it's too late. It's like wwe is scared to have big matches and feuds. They will do sting vs hhh for no reason but not sting vs undertaker.
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Heel Roman vs Face Bryan at WrestleMania is something marks would love to see including me.
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Re: Matches we want to see

Been dying for the Becky Tamina feud

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Re: Matches we want to see

I can absolutely tell you I won't watch Sting vs Undertaker. I won't watch Sting vs Undertaker.

I would like to see a Bray Wyatt/Kevin Owens match. I know that's not a feud or match people think of when they think of "dream matches", but the promo work would be the best you're gonna find, and it's a fresh match. Somehow or another, they've both completely avoided each other, mostly due to both always being heels or on different brands. I don't think WWE is consciously avoiding it, but somehow it's just never happened. It's the only match I can think of that we've never seen with 2 long standing, full time stars. The only involvement the two might have had is in the Royal Rumble but I don't even remember anything there, I'd have to look for it.

I don't think it'll happen, but in the positions they both find themselves in, this is the most natural, most fitting WWE Championship match for WrestleMania. One guy wins the title, the other guy wins the Rumble, it could easily be done, but we'll probably get Kofi vs Ricochet or something because Vince is a crazy old man who lives in fantasy land.
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Re: Matches we want to see

I want to see more Seth Vs. Styles and i want to see Andrade face Finn, Seth, Styles & Cesaro.
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Re: Matches we want to see

Bray Wyatt vs. Triple H and Undertaker vs. Sting should've happened at WrestleMania 31, but I'd still enjoy them. Also wanted to see Shawn Michaels vs. Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

More: heel Daniel Bryan vs. face Bray Wyatt, face Bray Wyatt vs. heel Seth Rollins, face Daniel Bryan vs. heel Roman Reigns, heel Bobby Lashley vs. tweener Brock Lesnar, heel Sami Zayn vs. face Kevin Owens, face Kevin Owens vs. heel Roman Reigns.
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Goldberg vs Ricochet

Goldberg vs Seth Rollins

Goldberg vs Finn Balor

Goldberg vs Alexander

Goldberg vs Drew Mcintyre

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Re: Matches we want to see

-A "Monday Night Wars" Royal Rumble, where anyone that doesn't win has to job to the Catering Club and then permanently retire.

-Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre vs Elias vs Ali. Winner gets to keep their look, the rest have to get complete makeovers.

-Prison Break Cage Match. Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey face someone that wants out of their contract. If the UFCers can keep their opponent in the cage for 5 minutes, they win and get a big bonus and their opponent gets 6 months added to their contract. If the opponent escapes, they get their release and the UFCers have to work 25 Live events for free.

-Bleach Blonde, Highlander, gauntlet match.

-A "Leathal Lottery Match": The McMahon Family are surrounded by every active "sports entertainer" in the company holding a rock in their hand, except for one. They have to guess which of the 200+ talents is the only not holding a rock. If they guess right then they only get an egg thrown at them.
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Re: Matches we want to see

Goldberg vs HHH vs Taker vs James Ellsworth in an Inferno Hell in a Cell Ironman Submission match.
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Re: Matches we want to see

Triple H and Steph vs CM Punk and AJ Lee. Some combination of the 4 are the only matches i really wanna see.

Becky vs Ronda 1 on 1... and becky vs Shayna 1 on 1 are also on the list.... becky vs paige as well

the brand split sucks
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