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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahons Sleep Habits?

Originally Posted by SPCDRI View Post
Really successful people it seems follow a sleep pattern where they always get a large amount of comfortable sleep at a routine time, or else they hardly sleep at all. President Trump is one of those guys that has gone his whole life without really needing to sleep, like 3 hours every 24 hours and bang, good to go. I think Vince has always been one of those needs-zero-sleep sort and its part of the "workaholic mythos" that he has created about himself.
I could be wrong on this as I can't remember where I heard it from but I don't think its actually known why we need to sleep, there is suggestions to your brain needing to sort its thoughts etc, or removing chemicals, general healing and repair but I don't believe there is a concrete reason for it.

someone even said that speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, it doesnt make much sense as it creates vulnerability as you are more susceptible to predators, its not ideal for survival to be unconscious for hours at a time. Therefore it must be essential in some real way otherwise evolution wouldve removed it.

I guess it just boils down to each individual and how their body operates. Some need more, some need less. I personally find the more I get the more tired I feel.

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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahons Sleep Habits?

Originally Posted by Freelancer View Post
Maybe he sleeps thru RAW and Smackdown so he doesn't see how bad they actually are?
i know i would. if I was a boss and knew my shows totally stank, i wouldn't want to even bother.
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Originally Posted by lesenfanteribles View Post
Maybe Vince McMahon has mastered Segmented Sleep. Instead of sleeping a huge chunk of hours per day, he'd be sleeping in shorter durations. His circadian rhythm is probably too fucked up to work properly anymore considering the type of job that he has. It may work for other people but it may not work for everyone else.

But if he's really sleep-deprived then, there's no wonder as to why he makes all these sudden changes or rash decisions as well.
I smell Seinfeld shit here...

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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

the only myth here is the "working around the clock because nobody works harder than him" OH FUCK OFF WILL YA, he has people to take care of everything he just gets the final word, he spends most of his time lobbying for all things not related to the actual wresting so he can make as much short term money as possible or hurt the competition as much as possible, even to the detriment of the entire business

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Originally Posted by Wpm131 View Post
As a kid I wanted to believe it was real but back then we had real fights in school and I went to sling this guy into a pole like wrestlers would do when they threw guys into the ropes and the kid didnt move and when I tried it again he punched me, I knew then that wrestlers were working together in the ring.
Originally Posted by I AM Glacier View Post
It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
Originally Posted by Jupiter Jack Daniels View Post
And the minute you compromise that for a check, I can't feel sorry for you. You got what you wanted, therefore you got what you deserved.
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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

Originally Posted by Fearless Viper View Post
I smell Seinfeld shit here...

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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

I think he sleeps like Michael Jackson

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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

Probably has regular mini-naps throughout the day to make up for the little bit of sleep he gets at night. At least that is what I believe now. In the past I'm sure his rumored sleep schedule was true. The look who his eyes is all the proof I need.

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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

He's a workaholic and it shows. You can tell he hardly sleeps and it finally caught up with hi,m. He looks like absolute shit. He aged A LOT in a few years. It is sad seeing him look so awful.
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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

Originally Posted by Chan Hung View Post
Is Vince running on 'little-to-no sleep'? Or are the stories a most form of "fabrication"?

I cant point out where, but I remember clearly reading that the man would function often during a work-week with only 2-3 hours of sleep. o_0

If that's true that's insane!!

Anyone know?? Can we uncover the myth or reality? Lol
100% True. I grew up with someone on the roster. He drove to San Diego from LA after raw. I met him at the hotel all the employees were using. Late that night Vince flew down to SD from LA and came to the hotel. We were just relaxing at the bar in the hotel. My friend told me it was Vince in the vehicle. 10 mins later 3 or 4 guys met Vince and they went up to a room im guessing.

Friend and I were done and as he was heading to bed Vince was leaving out of the lobby with new attire on. He was going to a local gym in town it was well past midnight when he left.

The next morning I went back to the hotel to pick my buddy up and we were going to breakfast. It was around 6am. As I pulled up to the valet non other than Vince himself was walking out of the hotel and jumping into his car. He was in his usual suit. They were having tribute to the troops that day as well as smackdown that night. My friend told me he is on that schedule every TV taping.

Vince is a freak of nature
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Re: Myth or Reality: Vince McMahon's Sleep Habits?

It's probably the tren he uses, making it impossible not to wake up multiple times a night.

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