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Re: The hypocracy from Vin-Man

Sorry, but Vince cannot be held responsible for Brock's actions
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Hurt. Heal.
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Re: The hypocracy from Vin-Man


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Re: The hypocracy from Vin-Man

Vince lies or changes his mind all the time. It's nothing new.
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Re: The hypocracy from Vin-Man

Whatever, blood was needed for the Rollins feud, good to see it happen.

(Meme courtesy of a google image search)
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Re: The hypocracy from Vin-Man

Originally Posted by tailhook View Post
TBF, the stipulation was Blood AND Guts. Were there guts?
Yup. The ones that are thrown up by the audience who has to watch that shitfest.

Mercenary! *Be careful!*

Mercenary *Careful!*

*Carefully, carefully!* The mercenary, the mercenary!


"Link is nothing but a vanilla midget who can't cut promos, but since he is a pretty blonde boy and is shagging the boss' daughter, he is shoved down our throats nonstop. Ganondorf has charisma, gets insane heel heat and has THE LOOK, it should be him getting pushed as the FOTC." - The Revali podcast.
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I really don't get his mentality. He claims he wants a family friendly product and that's what he's always wanted but this man has done and said some of the most vile things on television. He mocks god, mocks death of his employees, wanted an angle where he talked about taking his daughter's virginity.

The actions and what he says don't add up. I think he's full of shit and just working the audience.
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Originally Posted by Buffy The Vampire Slayer View Post
Blood was needed for the Seth vs Lesnar feud.
So was hypocrisy
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