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Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

It isn't Vince, the writers or anything else it's just that wrestling has been dead since social media and the internet got popular around 2005-2007 when social media, DVR, youtube and Benoit's death changed everything. I don't think it's ever going to change because nobody really cares anymore and can just DVR or stream the events later. Kayfab is dead and spoilers ruin everything so it's just not exciting anymore.
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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

"Wrestling sucks... and then it dieeeees!"
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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

Interest in wrestling outside the WWE's bubble has really never been higher (since the end of WCW and ECW) hell a new company just had 100,000 PPV buys (at $50 a crack) for their first big show. I wouldn't say wrestling is dead...

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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

benoits death certainly seemed like the before and after point for wwe. I don't think that is to blame for the problems they have now but I dunno.....lot of the fun and sparkle seemed to drain out the company after that point.
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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

WWE is just making a really bad TV show. I do think that there's been an indy wrestling fad since around the last 5 years and that it'll go away at some point, but we're still in it and if WWE just made a good TV show, they wouldn't be seeing nearly the (relatively) low numbers they've been getting.

It's more that WWE is leaving a ton of money on the table than being dead.
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you see them John Cena memes? People still watched wrestling after the Benoit incident.

Just a fake excuse really.

Tell me, what is the difference between pro wrestling and a drama for example?

If people really wanted to avoid spoilers, they could. Same way I’ve avoided stranger things spoilers until today when I managed to sit down and finish the last episode.

I still believe that the current product sucks because they are using incompetent bookers. I will say time and time again, bring in some writers and producers from Hollywood. Give them free reign. You will see a massive change in the product immediately. People will watch again. The old style of booking is over. Hollywood character-driven execution is what we need.

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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

Ironically, the company that brought the sport into the mainstream is the one that’s currently killing it.

Send lawyers, guns and money.

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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

Nah. Companies outside of the WWE have only been doing more in terms of revenue, viewership, engagement, merchandise.

WWE isn't all of wrestling. Just because they're dying doesn't mean that it's all dead. It could totally drag down the potential for other weekly programs though
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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

AEW and NJPW says otherwise.
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Re: Let's face it wrestling is just "DEAD"

It's 100% not "in" anymore that's kinda why the whole ratings thing is a bit much. Won't say dead though
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