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2013 for me. A lot of it was memorable for the right reasons. You had the rise of Bryan, the HHH/Orton turn, The Shield emerging, the Rhodes family storyline, Ziggler cash in, Mark Henry’s fake retirement speech, a really good SummerSlam with Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena.

2011 a close second.
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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

Second half of 2011 to first half of 2012.

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

Either 2011 or 2016 for me personally.

2011 because:

-I loved CM Punk's run (some of the greatest promo work I have ever seen) and rivalry against Vince, Cena, and HHH.
-Orton was white hot at the time and had solid feuds against Christian, Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes.
-Mark Henry had one of the greatest heel turns in WWE history with his Hall of Pain gimmick.
-The Rock returned after a 7 year absence (nobody thought he would ever return at the time) and had a very entertaining feud with John Cena.
-Edge retiring was impactful.

2016 because:

-Smackdown was on absolute fire, it destroyed Raw each week to the point that they had to eventually 'dumb' the show down. I actually looked forward to Smackdown every week at the time.
-The Miz and Daniel Bryan's 'Talking Smack' segment.
-Shane returning to TV (it was awesome at the time)
-Amazing debuts of AJ Styles, Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode.
-Goldberg's return.
-Goldberg destroyed an unstoppable Lesnar in 2 minutes clean.
-Kevin Owens gets handed his first main title.
-The women's "revolution".
-The List of Jericho.
-John Cena putting talent over.
-Sasha's rivalry with Charlotte.
-Daniel Bryan retiring was impactful.
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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

2010 had Edge's return and Royal Rumble win, Shawn/Undertaker II, Nexus, Kane's World Heavyweight Championship reign and his feud with Undertaker
2011 had CM Punk's Pipebomb and Masked Kane's return
2012 had CM Punk's heel turn and The Shield's debut
2013 had Dolph's cash-in, The Wyatt Family's debut, Punk/Lesnar, Bryan/Cena, Bryan/Authority and Bryan/Bray
2014 had Bryan/Authority, Bryan/Bray, Shield/Wyatts, Bryan's WrestleMania moment, Paige/AJ Lee, Shield/Evolution, Dean/Seth, Brock squashing Cena, Dolph putting The Authority out of action and Sting's debut at Survivor Series
2015 had Seth/Randy, Seth's WrestleMania moment and Split Personality Kane
2016 had Dean's cash-in and The List of Jericho
2017 had Bray's Elimination Chamber victory and the SZ/KO alliance
2018 had Ziggintyre/Ambrollins, The Man Becky Lynch, Dean's heel turn and The New Daniel Bryan

For me it's 2014.

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

My top three are 2013, 2016 and 2014.

2013 cos of The Shield, Punk and AJ Lee. 2016 cos it was Mox's best year in the company as a singles wrestler. And 2014 cos we had a nice mixture of face Shield and post Shield with the Mox vs Seth feud, plus one of the most shocking heel turns ever in Seth's turn. I loved being genuinely surprised like that.

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

The year of NXT where Asuka was the undefeated champion.

2011 or 2012, because of Punk. The last time they pushed real, genuine talent for any length of time.

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

2014 or 2016.

Im an Ambrose/Moxley fan.

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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

It would have been this year had Lacey/Corbin won at ER. I guess 2010 because of The Miz's cash-in and Batista's heel run.

This decade of wrestling has sucked for the most part.
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Re: Favourite year from this decade?

Albeit I was on hiatus during 2010-2012, second half of 2013-WM 30 for me. In the ring, we were treated to good/great, sometimes fantastic matches seemingly every week, spearheaded by Shield having their six-man formula down to a science and Daniel Bryan living up to his longheld world-class billing. Though now desecrated, it was the first time in years we had a vibrant, versatile tag division. Though not nearly as strong as previous years, there was far more gas in the storyline tank than there has been since, featuring Bryan vs. Authority (Trips putting in arguably his best work since Evolution dissolving), Henry's fake retirement, Punk vs. Heyman before Ryback got involved and the angle sank below Atlantis complete with homosexual overtones, Goldust's resurgence, the short but sweet Shield vs Wyatts feud, etc. Speaking of sweet, the crowds were typically energized, considering Bryan was the hottest face since Eddie Guerrero if not Rock/Austin and there were a plethora of popular acts supplementing him.

WM 30 was a thrilling roller coaster ride and set the company up for its best prospects in years. Unfortunately, a string of bad luck and bad booking undid all of the good will shortly thereafter. Overall though, a great catologue split between nice television matches and some superb ppv matches and though imperfect from a storyline perspective, some entertaining storylines easy to invest in.

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