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Re: Graves: Heyman and Bischoff Hires 'Reinvigorated the Locker Room'

"I know that we've got the biggest collection of talent that we've ever had and some of the most incredible workers you'll ever see and it is just a matter of turning a few things around and getting everybody back on the same page."
I can almost taste the kool aid from here.

The talent is there, hidden away in all the nooks and all the crannies and all the boiler rooms with Kane, it's just that we never see it because the A, B and C shows are chock full of people who rush matches, get injured, botch a lot, are generally green, have a fucking awful personality etc.

Once you've shown a fan the glimmer of hope that something can be better and you see that odd 4-5 star match, but then nothing out of "talent A" and "talent B", you start to sour towards to the product because you're seemingly waiting around for those two 4-5 star match talents to just get older/worse.

I don't really have much to say in regards to Bischoff, but Heyman on the other hand, I'd like to think that he's always had an eye for the best crop of talent no matter what era of wrestling we're in. I feel like Bischoff is out of his depth considering much of what he's previously done in wrestling was WCW and WCW 2 (TNA).

I'll keep watching because I want it to get better.

Skipping RAW tonight though.

3 hours of legends? and that ego-maniac Triple H, a regularly occurring talent/character in comparison to the other confirmed appearances, is almost front and center on most advertising for RAW tonight lol.
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Re: Graves: Heyman and Bischoff Hires 'Reinvigorated the Locker Room'

Someone at head office give him bullet points again?
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Re: Graves: Heyman and Bischoff Hires 'Reinvigorated the Locker Room'

At least Graves is covert in his shilling than Seff is. I'll give him that.

Lip service, as per usual. Seems like a coverup for Heyman/Bischoff's news not being as great as it was once purported as. Especially if Bischoff isn't going to have involvement in creative at all.

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