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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

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Originally Posted by LouEW on TNT View Post
Because I'm a fuckin' idiot.
Probably the answer for most of the needy on this forum, particularly the ones who watch 6-10 hours of WWE programming a week and spend 3-5 days a week online bitching about it like the show is going to change to only cater to their fickle tantrums every second.

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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

I stopped watching WWE last year, and recently got back into wrestling with AEW. I don't even follow the product at all anymore.

I'm going to read this thread and see some of the reasons why people continue to watch this garbage. I've been curious for a long time.

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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

I catch most of the ppvs and never felt disappointed

Log in here afterwards, get me some that negativity n lols

Log out, do it again next month.
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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

The 24/7 711 European TV Championship

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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

I agree with the original poster to the utmost degree. The WWE is just way too PG-rated, too contrived, too boring, and too unoriginal, to say the least. I just watch it because it's something to watch as I relax and unwind after a long day of work. And there are some aspects that are entertaining. R Truth (and his 24/7 title) is an exception to the rule. He's entertaining, funny, and not contrived. But lots of times I do turn it off for the reasons I listed above.
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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

I've mostly given up altogether. I still read general recaps "just because"... but most of the time I hang around the ratings threads. I find I'm much more interested in the business aspect of the company now than the actual product they are putting out. The shows are simply depressing at worst and dreadful at best. The storylines range from dull to exasperating. The crowds are bad nearly 80% of the time now--one wonders why they even go to these shows because clearly they aren't being entertained. The match layouts are always formulaic, stale, and repetitive despite having some of the better in-ring talents in the world on the roster. The performers know they are doing shit most of the time but have to pretend like it's the best.

It's sad to watch.
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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

Becky is the main reason I watch. I always like seeing people from our country excel on the world stage.

Other stories can peak my interest but when she leaves, that's probably when I will to (unless my kids become interested).

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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

I think they've got a super-talented roster that puts out some quality action and I enjoy the undercard stuff. The main event men's scene has been the pits with me for years now, I just shake my head and laugh at what they are doing with their main event men, but the other stuff I like. I also like what they've done with their women's wrestling in the past few years as well, I find that interesting. I know the tag teaming is treated as an afterthought, but I like what they have, OTISMANIA will run wild one of these days, brother.

I'm getting to the point where I'm having a harder and harder time putting up with the terrible shit they are doing with the Universal Championship and WWE championship, though.

I've always had a hard time getting into other promotions that are not WWE, but I've been really into MLW lately and watching the AEW stuff and WWE had better get it together, or more people like me are going to be in that boat, people with Nielsen boxes and that always see the WWE when its around but might pull the plug on them for other promotions to get their itch scratched or just not watch it anymore at all.

Edit: For how crummy their television shows can be, the video packages are always on point and can sell me when I watch them, and by and large...their PPV events are pretty damn good!

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Re: Why do you watch WWE right now?

Forgot to mention Drake Maverick and R-Truth, these guys are wonderful.
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