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Next big star

Just saw a post about how Otis of heavy machinery could have star potential. Before I saw a post about drake Mavericks wife and how she could have potential. Who do you think could surprise us all and be one of WWE’s next big stars ?
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Re: Next big star


I'm not even kidding in the slightest either.
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Re: Next big star

whew....EXTREMELY TOUGH CALL. because they kind of just appear out of nowhere. If I have to choose one person though maybe KO. But they have to continue this story line there cant be a week over week dull point. But there is no current active wrestler that can be Hogan or Rock level currently.

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Re: Next big star

A lot of people are saying Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream, I honestly don't see it. If I were forced to make a pick, it would be Adam Cole. If Vince and Triple HGH can get their heads out of their a**, and book Cole the right way, then he would be huge.
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Dream- He’s a big boom or bust guy. He could end up being a star or a joke in a couple years on the main roster. Adam cole- I firmly believe cool catchphrases are essential to this and he has one BAY BAY. Needs his faction though. Heel Roman Reigns. Depends on what you mean by big star but I also believe Richochet will get very popular.

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F*** This indy flippy shit
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Re: Next big star

Not with his current air guitar gimmick, but Eric Bugenhagen could be that guy depending how he develops. He’s got a legit amateur wrestling background, those guys usually turn out to be pretty good in the ring. He’s a workout warrior and is got the size and muscle mass of a top guy.

But what gives him an edge is his personality. I think he could be a Rob Gronkowski-esque party bro type.
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Re: Next big star

That up-and-coming young talent, what was his name? Shane McMahon?
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Re: Next big star

Velveteen Dream

Matt Riddle

Big E

Aleister Black

Ricochet, obviously

So far all of these guys have been made to look strong consistently and they're fresh faces, all able to garner a reaction. That's who my money is on

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Re: Next big star

Are we talking, next world champion push 'star' or 'change the business' face of the company star?

Because I don't see the last one in the company. The former though, whoever Vince and company feels like pushing. We have gotten Swagger, Kofi, Ziggler, Jinder title reigns. Anything is possible.

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Re: Next big star

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