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Was HHH underappreciated?

Some might disagree with this but it's my personal opinion that HHH should be just as respected as guys like Austin, Rock and Taker.

Often I noticed on this site he is left off of lists when it comes to top talents in the 90's and early 2000's. I get that guys like Rock, Austin and Taker are bigger draws than him but I feel that every great babyface needs a great heel at some point and HHH was amazing in the way he played the top heel against those guys.

Yeah, we all know he married the bosses daughter and whatnot, but I feel a guy with HHH's talent could have found himself in a top position like that sooner or later. He had an absolutely amazing physique, great on the mic and was menacing at times and really made you hate him. Just like The Rock and Austin, HHH was himself with the volume turned up. He really is a self serving jackass which helped his heel character. He really felt like he was the final boss and made the belt that he carried feel important because he was willing to do anything for it.

He's one of the top three heels of all time in my opinion and I'm sure many are gonna disagree with that which is why I made this thread. I think a lot of people have personal heat with HHH because he plays politics backstage but this is based soley on his work as a wrestler. The man was talented and a once in a lifetime talent.

If more wrestling fans thought like me we would all be in wrestling mecca
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

Heres the thing uhhhh....

The Haitch was the guy that worked with the guy.

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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

Fully agree with you.
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

They're tiers to his era. Simply put, he wasn't the best in his era and it took Rock/Austin/HBK leaving for HHH to finally get that spot and when he did, it produced some of the most boring and dragging parts of the WWE in that period before Cena took that mantle. Cornette got it right. HHH was never the guy or draw people wanted to see but simply the person who would work with the actual draw/FOTC (Austin, Rock, Foley).

Nobody denies he's a great worker and one of the best heels of the past decade but he's rated pretty accurately, IMO. Rock, Austin, and Foley are in the top tier of that era. Him, Taker, Kane would be second tier. That's just the way it is.

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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

uh no. Ive never seen such an arrogant wrestler that needed so many wins to get over. Hell, the only reason that he didn't bury the Rock was because the Rock was that charismatic that he couldn't be buried despite eating all those losses.
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

You mentioned those who are great babyface which Triple H is underrated. But if we're talking about the great heels then HHH is on that conversation.
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1999-2001 HHH is the greatest heel run ever in my opinion.
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

I don't know if I'd put him in my top 3 heels of all time but surely my top 10 (maybe my top 5) and he was the one I grew up with. He could be excellent when he wanted to be (eg. the Batista feud) but sometimes it seemed like he didn't want to be. I think his ubiquity ended up hurting him too.
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

As a wrestler? Over appreciated.
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Re: Was HHH underappreciated?

I don;t know, when the Attitude Era is brought up people often mention Triple H. Usually in the same vein as Mick Foley or Undertaker maybe not right up there with Rock or Austin but Triple H is one of those guys for sure. He may not have been the main draw but he was always the best foil for those top guys at the time. He's certifiably in my top 10 heels of all time too.

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