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Using Reality More in WWE

I think when they use reality in wrestling it becomes more interesting. Example: when they used the miz and his dad vs Shane. It becomes something you can really believe because of the reality aspect. Some ideas would be Roman Reigns helping the Uso’s (his cousins) Win back the titles. Maybe The Rock, Roman and Uso’s vs Shane ,Drew, Top guys. Maybe build Shane for a while and then have him challenge Triple H which has been an idea for a while. Maybe something with Natalya winning the women’s title and Tyson Kidd being jealous because he can’t wrestle anymore so he sabotages her or something like that.Anyway something with a trickle of reality. Any ideas?
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a Stupid Idea from Bad Creative
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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

I tend to agree on the using reality thing and mixing it with kayfabe. But its a fine line to walk, but if done right and not overused it can be great. Unfortunately for the WWE they really don't know how to toe this line successfully in most cases anymore. Or they try to create something "in reality" to use in kayfabe and it comes off in most cases as super inorganic and people do not get behind it or shit on it.

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The Mister Abigail Experience
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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

I laughed the other night when Cole called Rollins Lynch’s “Real Life Boyfriend”.
Therapy likes this.

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Ilya Smirnov ate my puppy.
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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

Nah. Itís all scripted, it should stay scripted. Blending reality with story lines can be quickly overdone. Iím not a fan of it at all, especially when they drag RL relationships into it.
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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

Itís not reality they lack, itís realism.
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Queen of all Galaxies
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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

Merging reality with wrestling does no good in WWE because all they know is coming up with boring storylines involving relationships between wrestlers.

Bryan/Brie, Cena/Nikki, Miz/Maryse, Rusev/Lana and now Seth/Becky. Yawn.

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If reality to them is acknowledging the relationships on screen I want NONE of that

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Re: Using Reality More in WWE

They tried the reality shit already and it flopped hard. CM Punk started it and it was compelling at first then Vince went full blown breaking kayfabe and the entire house of cards came crumbling down. Like everything Vince took reality too fucking far to milk it dry as fast as he could.

Like how many fucking speeches did wrestlers need to "shoot" on Cena about him burying talent and politicking. It got super old real fast.

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