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Re: What would you say is the most underwhelming feud of all time?

Undertaker vs JBL.

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Re: What would you say is the most underwhelming feud of all time?

Summer of Punk --> It started out so promising, and it got squashed because Triple HGH was a clueless piece of sh**. It was clearly Punk's time, and it should have ended with Punk main eventing WM.

Honorable Mentions:
Legacy Orton '09 vs Triple HGH --> Orton was clicking on all cylinders. Triple HGH had no business going over him.
Warrior vs Hollywood Hogan in WCW --> All because Hogan could get his win back.
Undertaker vs Austin at Summerslam --> I thought it would tear the roof off the place, but the match did not deliver.
Undertaker vs Rock --> Same as Undertaker vs Austin.
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Re: What would you say is the most underwhelming feud of all time?

Originally Posted by AlternateDemise View Post
I'm shocked no one said Kane vs Taker from 2004.
wasnt really a feud at all was it?, kane attacked taker at survivor series, undertaker literally took a vacation until mania with the odd "scary" video being shown and kane making speeches about how much he hated him. Then mania comes around, taker returns and pins kane in a fairly standard and uneventful match and that was it, literally went nowhere.

Kane was just a means of creating a reason why the deadman gimmick was returning I suppose.

WWE shouldve kept kane like he was in mid 2003, he destroys the whole roster, attacks taker at survivor series and then returns as the deadman to finally pin kane at mania.

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