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Is it all about "control" in WWE?

Regarding all the information and discussion within the last year, I see again and again the same structure: Vince wants to control everything. Doesn`t matter, it makes sense or not. Just two examples to explain "control" here:

Example 1:
Foxy came intoxicated to a live show and Arn let her go out wrestle. People went crazy here in this forum, because Arn was fired (and not Foxy). But in the very end Arn was the one who should execute Vince`s will. So the situation was in Vince`s POV out of control, so Arn was fired. (Foxy just being a silly female wrestler in his eyes, who doesn`t know better, therefore he controls his wrestlers.)

Example 2:
Moxley mentioned writers are getting fired, when they are not doing 100% the stuff by Vince. That includes writers not convincing wrestlers saying things in "Vince`s way". We also heard a alot of other stories, where writers were fired for like nothing (e.g., HOF issues).

So is it all about control in WWE? In the very end that would explain the lack of creativity by wrestlers and writers.
What "worries" me about that: many of you like HHH and expect a huge improvement when Vince is gone. But HHH is doing NXT tapings in visual range, which he can`t do for the complete WWE stuff this way. So if HHH (or somebody else) just takes over Vince`s control structures ... will it be such a difference to the company we see right now?

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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

I don't expect any improvement when Vince is gone, people focus too much on what HHH may or may not be able to do. It seems like the fact that Steph still exists and will likely actually maintain financial and corporate control far in excess of what HHH will seems to be glanced over in every discussion. IF and I mean IF, HHH gets full control of booking and creative I can see Raw and Smackdown being more consistent in quality, but I can't imagine it's suddenly going to be the next AE or anything of that level while it's still a public company, and still has shareholders and sponsors.

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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

Nah man..
It's all about the game and how you play it.
All about control and if you can take it.
All about your debt and if you can pay it.
It's all about pain and who's gonna make it.

As long as itīs Vince in charge (with Kevin Dunn acting as Grima Wormstoungue) , everything is gonna be his way. A new CEO can do it how he (or she) wants things done.
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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

I think Vince has suffered enough. He overdemands himself and it is concerning. He is human and I think He should be realistic. Wherer he does, he must be aware of his mistakes and accept consequences. And this crisis what happens on WWE, rise of AEW, The Best of Super Juniors tournament which gave a second breathe to NJPW after important departures, everything is consequences of Vince's manipulative arts. He needs to stop.

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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

Well, yea... Vince is one of the biggest power and control freaks there is out there. There's a reason he micromanages everything. The man even admits he hates sneezing because he can't control it.

I don't even think there's anything wrong with micromanaging things per se (it's natural to want as much control over your own product as possible), it's just that Vince's way doesn't work much of the time, it's creatively stifling, and the business has largely passed him by (at least on the creative side.) He's quickly turning into another Verne Gagne. It's the cycle of life.
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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

Vince is a known control freak. I forget who said it, one of those old wrestlers turned producers said Vince would rather have a half-full arena cheering for his guy, than a packed sell-out cheering for who they want. This is a man who gets upset when people sneeze because he feels they can control their sneeze. This is a man who employs 40 writers but frequently decides to rewrite the entire show by himself the day of the show. This is the man who changes wrestlers established names and gimmicks on a whim when they get called up. This is a man who gives 30 year veterans, HOFers, all-time great mic workers scripts to memorize whenever they show up because he wants to control every word that comes out of their mouths.

Vince's death grip on the product is killing it and turning away fans everyday; if HHH was in power the show would be much more wrestler and fan friendly, but he won't revolutionize the product because he's to captive to the will of the most vocal fans. People used to be able to correctly 'predict' NXT storylines 6+ months out with scary accuracy, it was like HHH was booking the show from Wrestling Forum. That's the exact opposite of being a control freak but it didn't make for a compelling product outside of sheer work rate.

Nowadays his booking style is more like D and D's from GoT: the match is the destination and how we get there doesn't matter and makes 0 sense.

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With Vince it is all about control for sure and always has been. You can say the same applies to HHH and Stephanie as well but I’ll get to them in a minute or two.


Vince McMahon grew up poor in a trailer with his mum and step dad who according to Vince himself was a guy whom he’d wished could have lived long enough so Vince could kill him himself. He didn’t exactly have a great childhood by all accounts but when he met his real dad Vince McMahon Sr, everything changed. He started learning the business as an announcer then he became a promoter and took the WWF Global by buying out all the other territories and promotions in the country, something his father never did and Vince McMahon Jr said he’d never do himself. This is where the controlling nature started I think, it’s all down to his childhood and upbringing. He has this inferiority complex where due to his poor start in life he has to be the biggest and best in wrestling instead of just being a wrestling promoter who enjoys what he’s doing. He has a massive chip on his shoulder! He doesn’t even like wrestling and instead calls it “sports entertainment”. He’s embarrassed by the very thing that defines his empire and due to his controlling nature he’s tried and in some ways succeeded to rid traditional professional wrestling from people’s minds and replace it with his own brand in his image.

He always asks people back who have fucked him over or have called him out in the past too, guys like Hogan, Warrior, Punk and without a doubt the door will always be open to Moxley. He does it just so he can control them again no matter how much they’ve hurt him. If someone tried to fuck me over in business or call me out on a personal level, I’d never want to work with them again, not Vince! The man has such a inferiority complex and such low self esteem that he still trains at 73 years of age so he can look like one of the boys a 3rd of his age, still has the last say on every creative decision in the WWE, still comes to every show and still thinks he’s a genius. He’s the ultimate egomaniac and control freak known to man and with that I think he’d rather see the WWE die in his hands than succeed in somebody else’s. That’s the level of control he has and always wants to have...

Triple H

Triple H is of a similar vein to Vince by that he also has a huge inferiority complex, this is probably why him and Vince get on so well. Triple H is an egomaniac first and foremost. He’s never been a great wrestler or more to the point a wrestler who people remember for a particular reason or a particular match. He’s always been pretty average and hasn’t really offered anything special or memorable in his entire career. The only thing I can say he’s good at is being a sleazy corporate heel and he’s a pretty good promo too I guess. The reason he’s such a good sleazy corporate heel is because that’s what he is in reality! It’s him that books himself in all these big matches and championship matches, it’s him that put himself over Sting at 31, it’s him that pushes HIS guys over everyone else. It’s him that gives himself the grandest entrances and puts himself on the highest pedestal possible! Deep down he knows he’s not going to be remembered in the same breath as The Rock and Austin and that kills him inside so he keeps putting himself in the spotlight to stroke his ego and to try and force the issue that he’s one of the greatest ever! He also knows that THE sole reason he is where he is today is because he married Stephanie, without her he’d be a midcard guy at best who might get a heavyweight title every now and then. This inferiority consumes him and he has to keep trying to prove his worth at every chance. NXT is just another tool in his arsenal to show the world that he’s created this amazing product and that he really cares etc etc...It’s all about him and how he can control everything to further his own legacy and influence.


Stephanie is another control freak, just like her dad. I won’t talk about her too much as I’ve ranted enough but she just wants the WWE to be this beacon for change and acceptance to get herself props and praise, she doesn’t actually care! It is obviously all just PR bullshit to gain her brownie points from the media and various sponsors! You can just tell that every time she talks about these changes taking place and these “revolutions” or “evolutions” it’s just utter lies! The women’s revolution crap is all a PR stunt due to outside media pressure. You see the WWE has always had good female talents but they pretended that back in the day the women’s matches were just bra and panties matches. What about Lita, Trish, Ivory, Victoria, Mickie James, Gail Kim? Good looking ladies but who also who could kick ass and put on good matches and tell stories. Also this lie that the current RAW Women's Championship is the first ever WWE Women’s Championship that was unveiled at WM32 is just a joke! Why didn’t they promote this women’s revolution earlier like in the year 2000 if it meant so much to them? Oh yeah, it’s because the WWE and the ones that run it had nothing to gain at that time. The reason they’re doing it is because of pressure from sponsors and from media pressure so they appear progressive and so on. Steph is the figurehead because she wants a pat on the back and for her to be remembered as the one who started it all, why do you think she used to put herself in every segment? It was solely done to get herself over, not the talent that actually do the hard work. She’s not really done anything of note but I guess her ego needs stroking as well.

All three of them are egomaniacal, self centred, insecure control freaks and until all of them are gone and give up their control then I believe that the WWE will continue to get worse and worse and worse.
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Re: Is it all about "control" in WWE?

It's all about control and micro managing in any corporate work environment. Anyone with a career would know this.. I've been with a fortune 500 company now for nearly 2 decades and make an amazing living but this is a total different company than when I originally got hired on. Much like WWE, control and micro managing has hurt the overall product and customer satisfaction significantly. The higher ups are always out of touch.
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Vince lives in his own bubble.
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