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That’s the point, he’s so annoying that when he gets his ass kicked a star Is born

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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

I'll take Shane over Steph any day.
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Both Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon Dont get their comeuppance as Characters, say what you will about Vince McMahon but as a character he didn’t mind being made a fool of if the storyline called for it.
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

The Shane heat seems like normal heel heat that smarks try to pretend is go away heat.

That said, that boy has clearly been taking his cues from Triple HGH and his Father and has hit the sauce so bad that if steroids were radioactive, he'd glow in the dark and be detectable from space. Caught my first live raw clip in a while and the difference to what he was, even when he came back in 2016, was striking.
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

The whole product has go away heat...
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

Originally Posted by mattheel View Post
Shane is at this point a tune-out factor for me. When he comes on screen, I just switch the channel. Its been probably over a month since ive really watched a Shane segment. Hell...maybe two.

So...I dont really have any clue what he is doing or what type of reactions he's getting.
Same here. I have no interest in seeing Shane get comeuppance as a heel. I know what/who his character is and why I should hate him, but I just don't care.

That whole "BITW" moniker is a farce and going over The Miz is a complete joke. I was actually okay with that feud and thought Shane would go away after that, but noooo....week after week after fucking week. Same shit.

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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

Stephanie is better than him
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

Originally Posted by DanielBryanfan96 View Post
Remember the buzz when Shane came back after 8 years? That seems a long time ago now, and a complete contrast to how the feeling is every time Shane McMahon is on screen these days. Heís easily the worst McMahon for me.

I thought it couldnít get any worse than Stephanie and her emasculating everyone on the roster a couple years back, but Shane is somehow way worse ever since his heel turn. He is featured more than anyone else on both shows, he is booked as a serious threat as a wrestler, and currently has victories over The Miz x2 and Roman Reigns. The man is almost 50 and is out of breath after 5 minutes. Itís honesty beyond stupid.

Itís 2019, we do not need Shane McMahon on our screens more than anyone and we do not need him presented as a top heel and wrestler. Enough please Vince.
we being a little salt block?

Despite what you may have heard about so-called "smark marks" and the "IWC" some of us are actually here to help. All you have to do is ask.

Originally Posted by Wpm131 View Post
As a kid I wanted to believe it was real but back then we had real fights in school and I went to sling this guy into a pole like wrestlers would do when they threw guys into the ropes and the kid didnít move and when I tried it again he punched me, I knew then that wrestlers were working together in the ring.
Originally Posted by I AM Glacier View Post
It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
Originally Posted by Jupiter Jack Daniels View Post
And the minute you compromise that for a check, I can't feel sorry for you. You got what you wanted, therefore you got what you deserved.
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

At this rate, I don't want to see any McMahons on tv. No Shane, Steph, Vince and even Triple H. If they all were off tv for a long time, it would be a blessing. They should all stay behind the scenes and learn how to book their roster properly.

Shane was a great heel, you loved to see get his ass kicked back in the day (he even lost to guys like Steve Blackman). Now it's like, "Why the hell is this older Shane getting so much screen time and getting wins over people?" nonsense.
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Re: Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat

They both are equal to go away heat in my world. Shane was added to my get off my tv lists since he beat Reigns last weekend in which was a bullshit decision.

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