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How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

So much talk of how bad the product is...and I agree. But so much of it...if not almost all of it is self imposed. It’s as if the company has had a series of governors imposed on it that limit virtually everything but the quality of their video packages.

But what if this was not the case? What if promos were not scripted, but just bullet points? What if long-term storylines were created and adhered to, with discipline? What if WWE set it’s creative standards against the greatest TV shows of this era, like Game of Thrones. It’s a company with rich storyline lore and an immense amount of resources.

For so long the product has been mostly mediocre to bad, and what is left if the fan base is numb to it. Reviewers give good reviews to PPVs and shows that two decades ago would have been lumped in with the worst of WCW. People discount the possibility that it could ever be any better.

So what is the ceiling for WWE if they went in a different direction? Just something close to the late 90s? Or something even greater?
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Creative freedom for a start.
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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

Well me brainstorming for what would make it good for me?

No brand split
Actual storylines that develop and come to a conclusion.
A more streamlined roster. Probably no bigger than 50 full time wrestlers.
Keep the part-timers for guest spots in the Royal Rumble and special attraction matches at Wrestlemania.
Keep part-timers away from the Titles. Keep the titles for the wrestlers who are full time
Creative freedom for Wrestlers
Raw is 2 hours and Smackdown is 1 hour or 90 minutes and it is giving the undercard and younger wrestlers exposure.
One World Title, One Midcard Title, One Women's Title and Tag Titles
TV-14 product but not smutty or crude like the attitude era (Which was awesome but very much of it's time). More in line with popular movies and TV where characters curse, bleed and do bad things that will disturb and shock fans.
Save big matches for PPV's and use TV more for progressing storylines, angles, backstage segments, interviews and short matches
One authority figure for the men's division and one for the women. Make them neutral and only show up when big issues need settled
Make the face wrestlers likable, relatable, realistic and rounded
Let the heels be heels. Make them ruthless, unscrupulous and a genuine threat to the heroes. Don't just make them idiotic cannon fodder for Reigns.
No monthly PPVS. All we need is Rumble, Mania, Summerslam and Survivor Series.

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If they let their talent go unscripted and do more edgy shit and stop with a lot of the facepalm, cringe comedy they could be better.

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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

If they would use all of their Superstars and not just half of them! I mean, take a look at the women's division. It is just frustrating. There so many talented girls who don't even get a real chance! Liv, Ember, Kairi, Asuka, Sarah, Sonya, Zelina, Dana and when they are back again, then also Sasha, Ruby and Mickie!

Same goes for so many guys in the roster. Just for example EC3! What a waste of talent!!!
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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

The fans who pay their money and go to their shows, they are what's wrong. It should be filled with mainly kids, house wives, middle aged men accompanying their families and grand parents. The audience should be quiet and accept whatever is put out there cause they full well know what the WWE offers. Instead we have plenty of hardcore fans who show up only to get disappointed.

Parking $10, Program $5, ticket $35, watching Bret Hart wrestle.......PRICELESS!!!
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Waiting for Kawato
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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

It's tough to say because you never know who is going to connect with a mainstream audience and take them to the next level, but in terms of just the quality of product they produce I have no doubt they could put on something as good as anyone in the world. The amount of talent they have is greater than ever before, and with the right guys booking it you could basically put on NXT on a bigger scale, and NXT is awesome. They could literally do Raw and Smackdown with a complete, total roster split, and not suffer one bit for it.
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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

AEW just showed their hand early and WWE were too dumb to copy them
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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

With all the talent they've bought up from around the world, there's no excuse for not being able to put up the best wrestling shows in the world. Hell if they'd done that the last ten years, perhaps Cody and Omega would be with them instead of doing their own thing.

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Re: How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?

It's hard to speculate, however I do feel that WWE lost their chance at a strong casual base whenever they made Braun Strowman into "another guy." He was the only new guy that was actually drawing big numbers on youtube and...yeah, look what happened. Dude should've been pushed to the moon instead of Reigns and Lesnar.

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