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Re: Triple H is reportedly “the most frustrated person” in WWE

Originally Posted by nWo4Lyfe420 View Post
Vince cares. The wildcard rule was a desperation idea he came up with after he saw recent ratings.
And that's was his mistake. Ratings have been tanking for awhile now because Vince keeps doing whatever he wants even if fans don't iike it. Shoving more Roman Reigns down peoples throats isn't gonna help ratings.

The funny thing is Vince blames the FANS for all of this. After the Superstar Shakeup, he looked at the Raw and Smackdown rosters and saw that he only had a handful of performers who were build up enough to carry either brand. This is the reason for the "wildcard rule". He literally just wants his 4 or 5 "top stars" to hog all the spotlight instead of building up more stars.

He even said once that he would rather WWE go bankrupt than allow the fans to dictate to him how he should run the company. Basically, he wants the fans to cheer, and he tells them to cheer, boo when he tells them to boo, and otherwise keep their mouths shut.
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Re: Triple H is reportedly “the most frustrated person” in WWE

Originally Posted by Buffy The Vampire Slayer View Post
I am also a big supporter of the Brand Split despite my bitching about ending it. I like it actually but this past full year I have seen the red flags dating back to last December when they got rid of the GM"s. Called up 6 NXT stars to basically do nothing but go wherever they wanted for the first 4 months. That got nowhere fast. Called up 4 more NXT dudes and went nowhere as well. Brand Shake up was a joke. Now we are seeing why due to this article. IF you are going to have a Brand Split then fully commit to it, if not than end it. The only stars that was made was Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and last but with sure dumb luck Becky Lynch.
There's definitely been plenty of red flags recently with the Brand Split. They've already half dropped it now, and there's no benefit to it anymore.

Most of the people who have became stars in recent years would have been pushed hard regardless of the Brand Split or not. The only ones that wouldn't have happened are Becky and Kofi, everyone else was earmarked for success.

Originally Posted by troubleman1218 View Post
Which validates the point I've been saying for years in that WWE is going to push whoever they want, Brand Split or not. Did some slip through the cracks? Yeah but WWE treated them like crap as World Champion to the point where they might as well had not been Champion such as Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt.
Its true. The Brand Split just gives an illusion that we'll get fresh faces, but WWE will still only push who they want to push regardless.

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Re: Triple H is reportedly “the most frustrated person” in WWE

Originally Posted by Seafort View Post
There’s risk to such an attempt. If it fails, HHH is done. Stephanie is done. They’ll have their stock, but they’re out of the company. All Vince has to respond to such an attempt is to point out “record revenue”.
And no matter how bad things get, some will still side with Vince because their jobs depend on his presence.

HHH would also have to convince Stephanie to go along with him - not an easy ask.
Yeah, that's easier said than done. I can't see HHH and Stephanie ruining family like that when they are set with the father's blessings anyways. It's more practical for them to wait out their turn at running the helm.
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