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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

The problem with the product is it is over exposed and has too many wrestlers on the books with zero charisma who maybe very talented but can't cut it on the mic and it's an entertainment business and if you don't entertain it becomes stale which it has.
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

Originally Posted by dele View Post
Remember that the low card guys are the main eventers 5 years from now. Imagine jettisoning The Rock after people shit on Rocky Maivia or Steve Austin after The Ringmaster.

WWE has to think a few moves ahead, especially if AEW catches on.
That would have been great... 1998 to 2001 focused on Mankind, Owen, Bulldog, Hardcore Holly or even Jarrett against HHH and later Jericho and Benoit would've been great.
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

The backstage has always had turmoil, at least there was something you could do about it in the past. Wrestler's court existed for a reason.

Nowadays there's nothing, not until AEW that is which throws a spanner in the works in the way WWE treats it's staff & its audience.

Wrestlers make the promotion it's just WWE has such a monopoly that they can say otherwise. AEW succeeding in everyone's best interest but Vince's, 90% of the active roster have a point to prove with a chip on their shoulders that they were sold a dream that isn't anymore, because of 1 man.

Return of the RABID WOLVERINE!

Bah GAWD ALMIGHTY! It's him!!!

Although Brock Lesnar's "Go to hell tour" might be coming to a close; we still have the decade strong, Vince McMahon's "Go fuck yourself" tour to look forward to.
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kobe Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

Originally Posted by Eva MaRIHyse View Post
Brock, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, AJ, Cena, Bryan, the group of guys who are endlessly on top and get all the spotlight. Wyatt, KO, and Kofi, Balor are all one and done.

You seriously want to pretend WWE dont just keep the same handful of people on top endlessly?
Originally Posted by SPCDRI View Post
UT was held by 2 different people in over 700 days.
First off, the dispersal of world titles in recent times is broadly in line with historical trends. Throughout the Attitude Era, nine different people won the WWE Championship, which is only a bit more brisk a pace than the period since the advent of the Universal championship. Moreover, of those nine champions, four of them (Kurt Angle, Big Show, Kane, and Vince McMahon) had relatively short single reigns, three of which were 50 days or less. The title was basically ricocheted between Austin, Undertaker, Rock, Foley, and Triple H.

Eva, you're not wrong that the collection you listed (Brock, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, AJ, Cena, Bryan, though Cena less so) have dominated the world titles over the last 3+ years, but isn't that how it should probably be? We complain about WWE making stars, but wouldn't it further hamper the star-making system if 20 different people hot-potato the world titles? WWE anointed their collection of stars and stuck with them during arguably their greatest period; doesn't it make sense to try to replicate that model?

One further note: I'm not arguing that THOSE PEOPLE are the ones that should be at the pinnacle; that's a separate conversation. The question is the number of people that should reside at the top.

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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

Of course the morale is low.

The company is shite
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

I mean, yes, technically we do not know if this is true or not, but when a guy like Dean Ambrose leaves even with what they all offered him I tend to believe reports of low morale

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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

The big dogs here to beat the cancer of low ratings tho
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