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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

In other words, Alvarez, Meltzer, and all the other "reporters," are just pulling more shit out of their ass.
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

Hard to imagine. The Kliq bullied and fucked with people backstage all the time and even when they weren't fucking with people to their faces they fucked with their pushes or even got them fired if they didn't like them. Other wrestlers around at the time and some of the more honest kliq members have confirmed this.
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

The worst I ever heard morale being was in the fall of 1995, and I have a hard time imagining that it is worse now than it was then.


Vince McMahon admitted in a meeting with the wrestlers that summer that while WWE had made over $80M in 1994, they had lost money. And the financial situation was deteriorating in 1995, leading to mass layoffs in July (Heavenly Bodies, Barbarian, Lou Albano, Doink, Jack Tunney, Lord Alfred Hayes, Well Dunn, King Kong Bundy, Nikolai Volkoff). Adam Bomb, Jeff Jarrett, and The Road Dog had quit. The Clique had tightened its influence. And payoffs...the entire point of the enterprise....had become so bad that wrestlers who had taken out advances on house shows to cover travel expenses were finding that their paychecks were sometimes in the negatives (Shane Douglas alleged that he made $1.6K after travel expenses were factored out during the four months that he wrestled). I remember Wade Keller making the cover of his PW Torch newsletter "Titanic Sports" in late October, detailing these issues.

That was worse than people getting paid $500K - $1M and not being used properly.

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So is everyone supposed to get a push? The roster is way too big, they really should look to get rid of some people. It's not like there is a whole lot of star power.
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Re: Backstage Morale Said to be "Really Bad"

Originally Posted by 45banshee View Post
Iv heard a few times on Bruce Prichard podcast that if a talent is unhappy Vince would let them go. Why a change of heart now?
You really need to fucking ask that question? You know the answer.
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

No wonder it reflects on the product.

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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

“All I can tell you is morale today in WWE is so bad. I’ve heard it from multiple people. I’ve heard people and they’ll say it ‘morale is bad.’ I’ll say ‘I’ve heard’ and [they’ll say] ‘no really bad.’ So like I don’t know.
Who the fuck writes/speaks that way ?
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

I can imagine how horrible it is to have to waste your own money and travel to Raw/Smackdoown every week while you are not being used and then act like you are hungry for oppurtunity when in reality you want to leave and join aew
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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

This news shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.

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Re: Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"

Thats pretty obvious.

WWE ignore hard work, ignore who gets over, ignore who is actually putting in any effort and just push their select few pets over and over and over again.

Of course moral is low when hard work gets zero reward.

And if a talent wants out they might not even get it.
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