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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

Originally Posted by DennisRodmanNWO View Post
It's so cringeworthy

-Champ champ
-an out of control bad arse
- saying things like "we did it" to the fans
- he promos are the same as Conor
For sure, only difference is UFC and WWE is a work, but some of these guys think Becky is legit tough, luls.

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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

I'm sure there has been trash talkers before that McGregor...

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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

"cringeworthy" really is the word of the hour around here, ain't it. Every fucking thread. Must be an online thing, nobody ever says that word in person.

I haven't seen her last few promos, but yeah there's definitely some McGregor inspiration there and has been for a while. Who really cares though? It works for her, he encourages her to do it & the fans eat it up. It's win-win. Bitching for the sake of bitching.

Does anybody really blame her? She's from a tiny country, trying to be a star in America. Someone from the same city in the same tiny country that she's from became the biggest star in combat sport. Of course she is going to take inspiration from him. If you actually went to Dublin, you'd see plenty of people talk shit the way Conor does.
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Originally Posted by SayWhatAgain! View Post
I keep telling you all, and you all mock me. Becky is winning both belts. I didn't just pluck it out of my ass. It's actually going to happen. Quote me on it. April 2019, double champ.

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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

She's Connor McGregor cause she's Irish? By that logic balor and Sheamus are fake Connors. Balors about the same size and Sheamus has a bad attitude. Connor mania running wild brother. We bout to see the debut of the IWO. Ro milis. Survey says one more win for the gailic guys!
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Lol, they’re both Irish?

Becky’s got her flaws, but if she were more like Conor McGregor, that wouldn’t be one of them.
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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

To people denying that she's copying Conor, did she ever speak like this before signing with WWE? I never heard her speak like this in NXT even when she was a serious heel so I don't buy that she's just talking like the people she grew up around all of a sudden. She realized she needed a major character change (she said this in an interview before SummerSlam), saw what worked for Conor and is now copying his cadence and sometimes his lines word for word. It doesn't have to bother you but it is what it is.

Scott Hall ripped off Al Pacino's character and cadence from Scarface but he was still the coolest wrestler of the 90's. Personally I find Becky's impersonation a little more annoying but maybe that's due to my dislike of Conor and the fact that it's hard for me to buy her as this badass she tries to portray. It's working, it's just not for me.

I hate how Asuka had to be sent into obscurity shortly after winning the title just so Becky could hold two belts too. She could've gotten her second belt avenging her loss to Asuka at SummerSlam but of course they wanted to give Charlotte another reign and rushed it onto Becky without it meaning as much as it could've. Did it really feel like she won two belts at WM? Between the weak ass finish and the way they hot potato'd the SD belt onto her it was quite underwhelming imo. This last paragraph is entirely on the booking and not Becky by the way.
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The thing is, I can’t stand Connor McGregor but I don’t mind Becky.
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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

And Conor got some of his bravado from the Mr McMahon character....


When The Man comes around
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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

well thank god she is a fake Connor Mcgregor because the real Connor Mcgregor is a piece of shit :P

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Re: All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor

I love how OP listed Irish as part of her pretending to be Conor.

Like he owns being Irish.

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